Top 5 Latest Trends In Curtains : What customers want these days (2015-2016)

Curtains are key to your home decor - both from a functional and an aesthetic angle. Functional because it prevents heavy sunlight to get inside the room as well as helps with privacy and aesthetic because it gives a complete and full bodied look to your room. 

Here’s what customers want the most these days when it comes to window treatments with curtains/drapes. 

1. Remote and switch controlled curtains are trending high - although these are definitely on the expensive side, some users completely prefer this. Wood, bronze & cast iron are used instead of powder coated aluminium channels. 

2. Printed Polyster, Jackard, heavy Jackard, Viscous, double weaving cloth, terkosa etc are the latest types of clothes. Always select you curtain fabric and style based on the color of your walls, the design theme in that room and the colors/fabric of your bed linen.

3. Scalp, Pelmet and Wallace curtains: I think of these as more of accessories for the window. 

4. Roman Blinds: This is a popular one for bedrooms mostly. Gives an open yet cozy look to the room. Its typically available in Silk, cotton, jute and denim cloths. 

5. Creative loops: In this variety various loops are used instead of pleats. Fancy buttons on the loop will enhance the beauty. This is the simplest type of curtain. 



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