Luxury home decor at a fair price

I have always loved elegant and tastefully done homes. I am not at all a DIY-er but I love collecting unique home accessories at a fairly affordable price — For me quality and design are non-negotiable though.

I was looking to buy draperies for my new house and so I started looking at the drapery collection offered at most of the major home decor brands.

What I found is that the ones offered at some of the mid-range brands somehow did not exhibit quality and craftsmanship. There was something about the fabric which told me this is a compromise and I did not want to settle with that. And then I checked out some draperies from some of the very high end retail stores — I loved the linen based products in their Palo Alto and San Francisco galleries and of course their quality was amazing.

But where things got rough is when I looked at the prices. On an average prices per window were $3200 which meant more than $12000 for all the major room windows and doors of my house.

This was quite heart breaking — I loved the linen and the neutral shades but the prices were sky high. Unfortunately there really wasn’t anything out there that gave me superior quality at the right price.

This motivated me to dig deeper to truly understand why someone cannot get what they want at a better price. What I realized by talking to home interior and retail experts is that most home decor brands keep a margin of 200% — 400%. Some brands get cheaper materials/fabrics to sell at a high margin and some of the very high end brands get better qualities but sell it at a further marked up price.

That’s what seeded the idea of establishing Barn & Willowa brand of luxurious home decor at a fair price.


We take pride in the quality of our Belgian linen, our craftsmanship and our exclusive care for our customers.