Barn & Willow in your favorite bloggers homes

We love to work with the leading home decor bloggers - we love their design ideas, inspirations and their keen eye towards finding beautiful designs. 
Here's a collection of Barn & Willow seen in all of our favorite home and lifestyle bloggers' homes - We LOVE to keep seeing these pictures again and again and again.


1. Decor8Blog Holly Becker's Germany home got our beautiful Belgian Sheer Linen draperies. In her own words - "They add a beautiful airy vibe" to her living room


Photographed by Decor8blog 


Photographed by Decor8blog 


2. Leading interior design startup Homepolish used our Belgian Sheer Linen draperies for Kelly Oxford's LA Palm Beach home. 

Photographed by Homepolish 

Houzz editor Mitchell Parker featured her home as the Room of the Day


3. Driven by Decor's Kris loved our Belgian Linen throw pillows and here's how they perfectly fit in her living room 


 Photographed by Driven by Decor