If We Were a Kardashian, These Are The Houses We'd Buy

Being apart of this socialite family would have a lot of perks, our favorite being the ability to buy any house you want. Just look at the pad Kim and Kanye bought up a few months ago. You could house a small village in that mansion! If we were a Kardashian, these are the houses we'd buy. 
1. The cascading backyard pond from this Florida mansion is something we need in our life. 
2. Fresh Rhode Island ocean air each morning? Yes please. 
3. This whimsical Bosporus home is oh so very dreamy. 
4.  "I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world" is what we would be singing each day in this pink house.
5. We'd practice our princess walk each time we go down these stairs.
6. This modern house in Singapore has us swooning! 
7. We'd invite friends to stay all the time in this mansion. There's so much room!
8. Night caps by starlight in this pool would be in order.
9. A dreamy home tucked in the woods. Ahhhhh, so much fresh air. 
10. A luxury Montana ranch would be the perfect place for us to get back in touch with nature. 

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