The Journey of Our Drapes

Tucked between Bruges and France is Meulebeke, Belgium, a small village surrounded by miles of rolling hills and flax fields. Here is where in 1858 the Lagae brothers established a linen factory that produced linen from plant to fabric. Each worker plays a key role at the factory and they even hand-wove all materials until machines were introduced in the early 1900's.
Belgian linen drapes  
This factory quickly grew a reputation for producing some of the finest linen products in the world.  We heard about their skills and dedication to producing in environmentally friendly ways, so our founder Trisha flew to Belgium to visit the mill. After a series of conversations, we placed our first order and haven't looked back since.
Belgian linen drapes from Barn and Willow

Once our linen material is woven to completion, it travels to India where our expert drapery and pillow craftsmen cut the fabric and stitch the pillow covers and draperies. These craftsmen have been stitching draperies and pillows for over 3 generations and are passionate about every detail of the stitch. 
 Barn and Willow stitch factory in India
Our small stitch factory is based in Delhi - Okhla region. One of our friends knew a lot of such factories in India and hence made an introduction for us. After visiting few such factories in and around Delhi, we decided to partner with this one because of their very ethical treatment of their workers, neat and clean work space and their amazing craftsmanship.  We personally spent days visiting the factory and seeing them make our products.
We even made sure we met and got to know the craftsmen who stitch each and every one of our drapes. We have Ija who has made over 2 million curtain panels and plays football in his off time. Manju has been in the industry for over 10 years and has a great eye for detail which makes her a great Quality Control Manager. Then there's Hari, who has stitched over 8 million ( yes, 8 million) curtain panels in the 35 years he's been an artisan. Our craftsmen take great pride in making the best products in the world.
So that's the journey of our drapes. Flax is grown in a peaceful Belgian field, harvested and woven into the finest linen material Belgium has to offer. It then travels to India where either Ija, Manju or Hari, our craftsmen, agonize over each detail. The drapes are then made available to you. No middle man is needed to get top-quality drapes in your living room at the fraction of the price.