3 Reasons to Buy High Quality Window Treatments

Looking to buy some new window treatments? Make sure you are checking your priorities first or else you may end up making a purchase that you regret. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider investing in high-quality window treatments.

1. You want them to last

It’s well known that sun fades fabric, and that cheap fabrics fade even faster. If you don’t want awkward, sun-bleached spots on one of the most noticeable pieces in a room, then you should definitely consider investing in high-quality fabrics. The color will last longer, meaning you won’t have to replace them for a while. High-quality window treatments also stand up to wear and tear better than ones you would find in Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. Linen is especially durable because of its long fibers, and is an intrinsically hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, so it stands up to dust and mites well. Check out our linen drapery here.

Barn & Willow drapery woman at window

2. They look better

As previously mentioned, high-quality window treatments will maintain their hues over time. The weight of a good quality fabric also lays better than cheap fabric. Low-quality drapery won’t give you that beautiful, waterfall-esque look. Additionally, our drapes come with weights sewn into the bottom so that they sway perfectly in the breeze and present the most elegant waves when still.


3. Fewer chemicals enter the world

Chemically-processed fabrics waste tons of water. After the fabrics are rinsed multiple times,  the water needs to be dispensed of and is often not done in eco-friendly ways.

Barn & Willow uses naturally grown linen from Belgium, which is the most environmentally efficient way to produce real fabrics. Polyester and other synthetic fabrics, however, require using non-renewable resources to produce them, wasting the Earth’s precious resources.

Many fabrics have also been processed with a ton of harmful chemicals, bringing toxins into your home. These additives often aren’t communicated well, however, which brings the potential of unintentionally surrounding your family with off-gassing and chemical residues. Make sure you’re purchasing from a provider that shows you where their product came from (like here!).

Lastly, buying from made-to-order companies like B&W cuts out additional stops along the way to your doorstep, which significantly reduces transportation emissions and ultimately lowers our carbon footprint. Sounds like a win-win-win situation to us!

Belgium linen factory

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