Our First Popup Event With San Francisco Etsy


Barn and Willow at SF Etsy Popup

Barn and Willow popupbarn and willow popup

barn and willow popup

If you follow us on any social channels you've probably heard that we attended our first popup event this past weekend with San Francisco Etsy at Pier 35. We loved talking with you guys and seeing how you react to our products. The challenge of having an online-only shop is we can't get immediate feedback from you. The most surprising thing we learned is that a lot of you wanted to use our Herringbone Throws as scarves as well as throw blankets. Maybe that was partly due to the fact Pier 35 was very cold the entire weekend, but we were excited to learn our products are so versatile. 

Our Herringbone Throws are now available in our shop in 3 colors - Peach, Vintage Gray, and Mist Blue. Get yours now!