7 Ways To Use A Throw Blanket

Our new Herringbone Throw is being released this week. This is a product we've been really excited to share since not only is the Herringbone pattern fun, but the throw itself is SO. DANG. SOFT! Our staff had a chance to cozy up with the throws during a product photo shoot last week and they had a hard time parting with them. So this got us thinking - what are the different ways to use a throw? We know they're good for being cozy with, but what are other ways to repurpose a throw blanket? Here's our list 

Throw on back of couch - barn and willow

photo via Cush and Nook

Draped over the back of the couch as an accent piece and made available for couch time snuggles. 


how to style a throw by barn and willow

photo via Buzzfeed

Folded over the back of a chair as a decor statement. 


 photo via apartment therapy 

Roll your throws up and stack them in a basket next to the couch or fireplace to add a homey, cabin-like feel the room. 


photo via bloglovin

Re-purpose a throw as a table runner on a coffee table, outdoor table or console table in the hall. 

photo via gardenista.com

Wrap it around you next to a campfire to stay cozy on a summer night. 

throw on end of bed barn and willow

photo via Apartment Therapy

Style it on the end of a bed for a nice touch of comfort and a pop of color or texture. Plus, if you get cold during the night, it's right there! 

photo via sourireetrespirer

 Roadtrip buddy! Bring your favorite throw with you on your next road trip. Since throws are smaller and lighter than comforters, they make the perfect car accessory. 


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