6 Tips for a Sharp and Stylish Workspace

With the amount of time that most of us spend at work - whether that be in a home office or traditional workspace, taking the time to spruce up this area is worthwhile.

Here are our 6 tips for a sharp and stylish workspace.

 1. Clear away the weekly clutter

Don't wait for spring cleaning to do an annal clean sweep of your desk.  Taking few moments each week to put away what has accumulated on your desktop will keep your office looking tidy.  

Barn & Willow Desk

image via HGTV


2. Lighting

Natural light is our favorite, and diffused lighting created by sunlight filtering through our Belgian sheer linen drapes offers excellent light without the harshness of direct sunlight.



3. Find fun and colorful storage solutions

Storage doesn't have to be an eyesore.  Use cute and versatile filing cabinets or bookshelves to preserve both form and function.  For a little more personalization, explore DIY options like covering boxes with paper for a fun pop of color that seamlessly blends with your color scheme.  Honey We're Home has a fantastic step-by-step DIY tutorial here.

Barn & Willow DIY DeskBarn & Willow DIY 

Images courtesy of Honey We're Home and iHeart Organizing


4.  Add colorful drawer liners

Continue adding splashes of color to your office by lining drawers with colorful prints.  Honey We're Home has some great ideas for how to do this: 

Image courtesy of Honey We're Home and iHeart Organizing

5. Keep cords out of sight

Nothing will cloud your beautiful workspace like a mess of tangled cords.  Keep loose cords out of sight with this tip from Martha Stewart:  Feed all cords through a hole drilled in the desktop. Then plug the wires into a power-surge protector strip mounted on the underside of the desk. Keep cords in a coated wire basket (available at housewares stores) suspended under the desk with wire hooks. 

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart 

6. Accessorize

Include personalized style flairs!  This is your workspace and you're the one who will get to enjoy it.  We love to accessorize with chic post-its and sleek desktop organizers.  Adding fresh flowers or a potted indoor plant can also be a wonderful way to bring life and energy to your desk.

Image courtesy of Grapevine