Creating a Space for Wall Art

Adding wall art is the default option for many of us looking to spruce up our home.  However, it is frequently best to make art the final step on revamping our space.  

Before installing the final flourishes with art, let's look at how to lay the foundation.

Step 1: Find the room's staple.  This is typically the most expensive piece in the room.  For most people, it would be the couch or bed.  

Image via Bovguild

Step 2: Select smaller complimentary furniture pieces such as a coffee table or dresser.

Choosing Wall Art Barn & Willow

Image via Apartment Design Ideas

Step 3: Select textiles, paying special attention to lighting and drapes.  Choose a rug that echoes the room's theme and anchors the space.  Drapes or shades can control how much natural light the room receives.  Pay special attention to not only the color of the drapes, but also the texture.  Lighter sheer linens will allow for more natural light, where as thicker woven linens will provide for a more controlled lighted space.  

Image via HGTV

Step 4:  Accent the room with accessories.  Throws and pillows are an excellent way add spice while also contributing to the warmness and comfort of the room.  If you prefer a more neutral look, solid colored pillows can add much needed depth and dimension.

Step 5:  Choose wall art that reflects your personal style and lends itself to the room's decor trends.  This vintage poster highlights the room's aqua accent and compliments the splash of yellow provided by the chairs.