How to Display Wall Art

In a previous post we discussed how to lay a room's foundation in order to prepare for incorporating wall art into your home decor.
Now that we have the foundation laid, lets look at how to actually choose and display art.
Choose art that is meaningful to you and reflects your style.  Avoid choosing something simply to fill up wall space.  Taking time to curate worthwhile art will imbue the room with style and appeal and will impress both you and your guests.
Make sure to select appropriately sized art.  Typically a piece should fill 65% - 75% of the wall, depending on the style of artwork.  Modern art, for example, has a bigger impact on a larger canvas.
Hang pieces at eye level and the bottom edge of the frame at least 6-12 inches above furniture pieces such as a sofa or sideboard.
Image via Design Sponge
Use pieces with a similar style or by the same artist to give cohesiveness to the space and lend a curated feel to the artwork.  
Image via Top Trip
Use smaller accent pieces in the room to echo and draw they eye back to the art on display. Notice how the green pillows and potted plants emphasize the green tones in the artwork.
Try incorporating art and accents that reflects the natural beauty outdoors, especially if your home has large picture windows or sliding glass doors.  As an alternative, use the window itself as artwork, framing it with high quality drapes and accenting with throws or pillows.
This colorful throw pillow echoes the green outdoors, reminding the viewer of the natural beauty outside.  Switching out throw pillows seasonally is an inexpensive way to mimic the changing landscape and keep your home decor looking fresh.  Notice the difference between the spring and early summer colors of the pillow below versus the more warm and muted colors that remind the viewer of fall in the pillow further down the page.