Why an Organized Desk Matters

Whether at home or at work, your desk is your command center.  An organized desk will maximize productivity and create an atmosphere of success and accomplishment.  Not to mention, a well organized work space looks very impressive.

Organization increases productivity.  All that time spent looking for that document or the file you were supposed to send is eliminated - enabling you to do your job and maybe even take a coffee break.

Image via Kevin MD

Organization creates a better work flow.  Strategically setting up your desk isn't hard.  For example, place the phone on your dominant side to avoid reaching across your body.  

Image via The Prepary

Organization creates peace of mind.  Granted, not everyone is a type A organization freak like me, but knowing the value of white space - the blank space on your desk free from any papers or mail - sets the tone for a more relaxed environment.

Image via iHeart Organizing

Organization allows space for personal fair.  All of a sudden you have room for that cute potted plant (I have a thing for Bonsai trees), a vase of fresh flowers, or a picture of you and your favorite person.  

Image via DIYNetwork

Organization is an excuse to treat yourself!  After all the hard work of sorting and organizing, invest in a colorful decor piece to add comfort and style to your desk.