5 Bedroom Windows We’re Dreaming Of—And How to Get the Look at Home

Bedrooms are the spaces at home we spend the most time in. Not only do we wake up every morning to face the day in our bedrooms, it’s the place where we unwind and recharge every night. That’s why it’s important to design a bedroom that’s both beautiful to look at and comfortable to spend time in.


Interested in revamping your bedroom without a complete décor overhaul? A fresh, stylish window scene is a great place to start. From boho-friendly styles to transitional-inspired ones, we rounded up a handful of dreamy bedroom windows from #MyBWHome for inspiration. Read ahead to find out how you can recreate each look in your own home.


Classic yet Cozy Windows

bedroom window ideas

Image via @chalkwhitearrow

For a simple but high-impact bedroom upgrade, consider layering a pair of crisp white drapes with coordinating roman shades like we saw in @chalkwhitearrow’s home. Along with adding layers of visual interest and textures to a wall, layered white window treatments can help open up a small bedroom and make it appear larger—and more natural light-filled—than it actually is. Score a similar look at home by installing the Organic Cotton Flat Roman Shade in Ivory in your bedroom window, and then adding Organic Cotton Soft Top Drapery in Ivory to frame the scene.


Functional yet Bohemian Windows

bedroom window ideas

Image via @boneill_athome

Don’t let the ethereal looks of the light-colored shades in @boneill_athome’s bedroom fool you—they’re blackout roller shades! Designed to block out light and soundproof your windows, the Blackout Roller Shades in Cream allow you to create a neutral, boho-inspired bedroom scene without sacrificing an inch of functionality. For a more eclectic window display that’s every bit as stylish and functional as cream-colored blackout shades, try a lightly patterned roller shade, such as the Blackout Roller Shades in Patch Wheat, for a boho-friendly window vibe.


Transitional-Style Windows

bedroom window ideas

Image by @thegoodmanhouse via  @barnandwillow

For a transitional-style bedroom filled with plenty of natural light, look no further than @thegoodmanhouse’s dreamy bedroom. With the help of a pair of Belgian Flax Linen Flat Roman Shades in Oatmeal, Goodman forged a clean-lined space with a solid mix of traditional and modern details and more importantly, lots of exquisite sunlight.


Contemporary Kid-Friendly Windows

bedroom window ideas

 Image by @boneill_athome via @barnandwillow

For a neutral bedroom window scene that’s equal parts boho and contemporary, employ a pair of Belgian Flax Linen Soft Top Drapery in Natural. Case in point: @boneill_athome’s gorgeous nursery, where gauzy light-colored drapes enhance muted olive-green-painted walls and interesting textiles without overpowering the natural furniture and décor scheme.  


Classically Elegant Windows

bedroom window ideas

 Image by @boneill_athome via @barnandwillow

When choosing from the array of window treatment color options, nothing is more sophisticated than gray. Take one look at @brooke_startathome’s bedroom and you’ll see that gray drapes can instantly bring depth and dimension to even the starkest of spaces. Consider the Organic Cotton Soft Top Drapery in Ash to forge a similar look in your bedroom, or the same Ash-hued drapery in Euro Pleat for an elegant but modern twist.





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