How to Style Your Window Sills

Your window sills are brimming with design opportunity—it just takes a little imagination. Since shelfies—aka artfully styled shelves and surfaces—are slated to be all the rage in 2021, there’s no better time than now to transform an empty window sill into an eye-catching interior scene with the right décor items. From plant-filled displays to storage-savvy ideas and more, here’s how to style your window sills like a pro this season.

window sill with plant

1. Use houseplants to brighten up the space

A good-looking houseplant can make a big impact on a window sill. Whether it’s a single leafy green plant in a shapely geometric planter or a series of succulents in small but stylish pots, houseplants in decorative vessels can turn any window sill into a sleek display in no time.

To make a statement in your windows, pair a houseplant with a colorful pair of luxe-looking drapes, like Barn & Willow’s bold blue Sapphire Velvet Drapery, to draw attention to the scene. For a more subdued, boho-friendly scheme, stick with neutral drapes or shades, such as the Natural Belgian Flax Linen Roman Shade, to ensure the space feels soft and serene.  

window sill styling tips

Photo by @witanddelight_ via @barnandwillow

2. Show off your favorite home décor objects

You can always count on your window sill to provide the perfect amount of space for showing off your favorite home décor objects—think small sculptures, candles, and even kid’s toys—in style.

To turn a window dressed in simple white drapes or shades, like the Off White Belgian Flax Linen Roman Shade, into a focal point in a minimalist-minded space, consider placing one eye-catching art object on your window sill. Or, to create a more layered and eclectic window scene, style a handful of small but colorful trinkets on your windowsill and use Cool Lavender Organic Cotton Drapery to complete the look.

book styling ideas

3. Store some beloved books in style

If you’re running low on bookshelf space, consider styling your window sills with books to free up extra space. Whether you coordinate a bunch of books by spine color or simply stack a handful of your favorite books on your window sill, it’s a clever way to draw attention to your favorite books without wasting valuable coffee table or bookcase space.

To create a bold window look that feels cohesive with the rest of the space, look for books with spines that draw from the colors of a patterned rug in the room. Or, shake things up with geometric printed roller shades, like the Blackout Roller Shades in Polygon Charcoal and a couple of books with eye-catching covers.

window sill ideas

Photo by @kimmyintx via @barnandwillow

4. Display artwork

Why spend energy on designing a gallery wall when you can style your window sills with art instead? Whether you lean a lone painting against your window or display a mix of treasured photographs, your window sill can moonlight as a floating art shelf in any size or style of space.

If you want the art on your window sill to take center stage in a room, stick with clean-lined shades in a muted hue, such as the Stone Gray Belgian Flax Linen Roman Shade, that can serve as a chic but neutral backdrop. To make a more sophisticated statement with art on your windowsill, hang a pair of gauzy drapes, like Oatmeal Belgian Sheer Linen Drapery, to highlight your favorite photographs or paintings without making them the centerpiece of the space.

window lighting ideas

5. Integrate lighting to elevate the ambience a space

If you have a window near a bed or lounge nook, consider styling a window sill with stylish but functional accent lighting. Whether you pair a shapely table lamp with a cool catchall tray or simply strew a strand of twinkling string lights, you can use lighting and elegant but neutral-toned window treatments, like Pearl Velvet Drapery, to transform a humdrum window sill into a warm, ambient living room or bedroom scene.

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