5 Easy and Effective Ways to Add Personality to Your Windows

Your windows can double as a focal point in any room of your home, it just takes a little imagination. To prove my point, I rounded up five ways you can infuse a pop of personality into your windows, without breaking your back or bank account. From colorful window treatments to stylish drapery hardware ideas and more, here are a handful of easy and effective ways to energize a lackluster window display in no time.

window styling ideas

Photo by @witanddelight_ via @barnandwillow

1. Install colorful drapes or shades

A dash of color can make a big impact in a window scene. If you’re looking for a fun yet functional way to liven up your windows, consider investing in some colorful window treatments, such as Barn & Willow’s Sapphire Velvet Drapery or Teal Velvet Shades, to make a statement.

To create an eye-catching window display that’s colorful, but less commanding, look for shades in a vibrant print or pattern, like the Pisces Indigo Blackout Roller Shades or the Pisces Amethyst Blackout Roller Shades to shake things up without overpowering the rest of the space.

2. Paint your window casings

If you’re sitting on a little leftover paint from a bigger paint job, you might want to consider painting the trims and moldings around your windows for a simple but impactful upgrade. Not only can this brighten up a humdrum window scene with a burst of color, it will help create cohesiveness by drawing from other paint colors you’ve used in your home.

For a bold window display that’s full of color, try painting your window casings in a cheery shade of pale yellow or a soothing shade of green to energize the space. Or, for an equally stylish window look that’s slightly more subdued, paint the trims and molding around your windows in a hue that’s one shade darker (or lighter) than your current wall color, to bring depth and dimension to the scene.

3. Upgrade your drapery hardware

Make no mistake about it: A good-looking drapery rod can elevate your entire window scene in seconds. To bring a dash of drama to a window dressed in neutral drapes or shades, consider a drapery rod in a contrasting finish, such as Barn & Willow’s Stainless Steel Drapery Rod in Flint Satin, which provides a soft, dark matte finish with a very low reflection.

For a sophisticated drapery rod that will work with just about any color or style of window treatments, try pairing the Stainless Steel Drapery Rod in Brushed Stainless, a muted luster steel finish with low reflection, with an eye-catching finial, such as the shapely “Ball” finial or the geometrical “Faceted” style.

4. Layer drapes and shades

If you aren’t layering your drapes and shades to fashion a one-of-a-kind window display, then you’re doing it wrong. To score an eclectic, layered look in any room of your home, employ a mix of neutral-toned drapes and shades in your windows.

If you’re hoping to create a more maximalist-minded window scene, pair a patterned roller shade in an earth-tone hue, such as the Polygon Charcoal Blackout Roller Shades, with a pair of dark drapes, like Storm Gray Organic Cotton Drapery, to forge a striking yet luxe-looking scheme.

5. Style the area around your windows

When all else fails, you can always decorate the area around your windows to create a compelling vignette. Whether you style your windowsills with art objects, books, houseplants or candles, or simply install a couple of floating shelves on either side of a window, interesting décor elements will breathe new life into your windows while potentially offering up extra storage space for showing off your favorite items.

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