5 DIYs Your Home Needs This Spring

A good DIY can provide you with more than just a fun project to work on; it can give you some seriously stylish home décor, too. Don’t believe us? We rounded up a handful of our favorite spring-inspired crafts that will look great in your home this season. From a sprightly paper flower wreath to Japanese-style hand-dyed kitchen towels, here are five DIY projects that you’ll love coming home to this spring.


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Image via Vintage Revivals

1. Gallery-style Plant Wall

While you probably already knew that plants are a beautiful way to bring good vibes—and clean air—into your home, we bet you didn’t know you could make your very own plant wall. Thanks to Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals, you can forge a wall-mounted and self-watering plant wall at home, with nothing more than wood, glue, and some cool jumbo-sized glass test tubes.


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Image via A Beautiful Mess

2. Crepe Paper Flower Wreath

A Beautiful Mess is brimming with gorgeous DIYs and pretty craft tutorials, and this paper flower wreath is no exception. Composed of crepe paper, floral wire, and hot glue, you can fashion your very own faux flower wreath with any color combo you choose. Hang one on your door to welcome guests in spring-inspired style or on your wall for some spirited handmade art.


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Image via Cupcakes and Cashmere

3. Faux Earthenware Planter

The only thing better than a good-looking planter is one that you make yourself. This goofproof DIY from Cupcakes and Cashmere shows us how to turn a humdrum terracotta pot into a chic earthenware-style planter by simply splattering it with acrylic paint. Stick with a black and white paint palette to keep things classic, or switch it up with some brighter hues to score a statement planter.


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Image via Lovely Indeed

4. Hand-dyed Indigo Shibori Towels

Never mind that the Japanese Shibori dying technique is one of the oldest fabric-dyeing methods in the world, it’s also one of the easiest. Case in point: Lovely Indeed’s DIY Indigo Shibori Dyed Kitchen Towels. With little more than a bucket, an indigo dye kit, and a stirring stick, you can make your very own Shibori-style tea towels. Not only are they gorgeous, these DIY towels are pretty much foolproof to make.


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Image via Hello Glow

5. Handmade Rosewater and Pink Clay Soap

Why bathe with a boring old bar of soap when you can suds up with a rosewater-scented one? This super simple tutorial from Hello Glow schools you on everything you need to make your very own soap using pink clay, rosewater, and Himalayan salt that – spoiler alert! – looks every bit as good as it smells.