How AI Will Change the Way You Live in Your Home

Artificial intelligence (AI) is essentially the technology enabling machines to make decisions based on human intelligence. AI has become more commonplace than you might have thought; you may be using it in your daily lives with Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Both of these technologies act as your “personal assistant”, and companies are looking to take that even further to create Smart Homes. Here’s how we believe AI will change the future of the home, and we’re pretty excited about it.

Smart home

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1. Your daily routine will change

You wake up to your alarm. But the thing is, you didn’t set an alarm. Your home knew from your schedule that you have yoga at 7:30 am. It also woke you up with the new Ariana Grande song because it saw how much you’ve been listening to her and figured you’d like to be woken by music you like. Your coffee pot is turned on too, so that it’s ready for you when you head out the door. You have freshly cut fruit in the fridge and a breakfast sandwich heating up in the microwave because your smart fridge noticed you were running low on food and ordered some straight to your door.

2. You have less to worry about

You rush out the home but don’t have time to shut everything down. No worries, all lights have been turned off, your Barn & Willow shades have been closed, the door locks behind you, and the heater has been turned off. “Burglar mode” is turned on so that outsiders think somebody is home (think periodic light switches, light talking, etc.) Your home also remembers to open the dog flap door into your enclosed backyard periodically to let the dog do his business, and summons it back in with some fresh kibble.

3. Your to-do list shrinks

Your home checks all of your supplies and makes sure you’re set for any need you have. If it notices that you’re running low on toilet paper or laundry detergent, it’ll put in an order for you to arrive the next day. When the package arrives, it recognizes that the person at the door is from UPS, and opens the slot in the door so he can drop it off safely in your home (with security cameras watching him the whole time to prevent any funny business.)

4. It cleans for you

While you’re away, your home undergoes its daily cleaning routine: the vacuum cleaning robot is activated and vacuums up the floors. Toilets, sinks, and showers are automatically washed with cleaning solution and scrubs. Laundry goes straight from the hamper to the machine washer and the dryer. The dishwasher is also automatically run. Air freshener is periodically sprayed. It’ll be like a maid came while you were at work!


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5. More time for you to unwind

When you get home, you will notice that your chicken breast has already begun defrosting and the water has begun boiling to put the pasta in. (Your home noticed from your location that you were heading back from work.) The heater had also been turned back on so it’s a comfortable temperature when you walk in, and relaxing music is playing after your long day. While you’re cooking, the home speaker reminds you that the season finale of the Bachelorette begins in 10 minutes--would you like to watch? (Duh, is that even a question?!) It suggests which bottle of wine to pair with your dinner, and dims the lights for the ultimate viewing experience.

Wine and movie

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When all is done and you head to bed, everything is cleaned up by your home robot and everything is shut down until you wake up in the morning. Home, sweet, home.

That’s how we think AI will change how we live in our home. Although a bit intimidating, we are excited to see how technology evolves and productivity levels rise. Do you feel that it will help or hurt your home?