4 Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Window Coverings

Window treatments are typically one of the bigger investments that you’ll make when styling the interior of your home. Unlike pillows and throws, they take longer to make a decision on. Because of this, you want to make sure you don’t make any mistakes! Check off these 5 no-no’s before making the purchase.

1. Only focusing on looks and not on function

One of the biggest mistakes consumers make is only focusing on how the blinds will look and not considering how they want to use them. You spend so much time choosing the color and the style to match your room, and then when they come in you realize you got sheer drapes even though you need them blackout lined to keep your bedroom dark in the mornings. Head over our guide on how to choose window treatments for more info.

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2. Not ordering swatches

When redesigning a home, it’s tempting to rush through the process so you can enjoy your beautiful space. No judgement, styling your home is exciting! However, ordering your coverings without actually seeing how they look in your home may leave you not so satisfied. Several factors can alter the appearance of a fabric’s color, including lighting, the surrounding colors, and the size of the room. Take advantage of Barn and Willow’s free swatches so that you achieve the perfect look. Pick from our 35 different colors to find the perfect one!


3. Measuring your windows incorrectly

One of our biggest concerns as a window treatment brand was our customers ordering the wrong dimensions for their window treatments. By incorrectly measuring your window, you risk the possibility of having unwanted light leak in or unsightly length disparities. Additionally, getting shades that are too wide will not fit in inside mounts, and those that are not wide enough will not fit over outside mounts. That’s why we created our Measurement Finder Quiz to help customers through the process of finding their precise measurements. Problem solved!

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4. Not varying your treatments between rooms

If you’re replacing all of your window treatments, it may be tempting to just order the same style and color for all of your rooms. Be cautious when committing to all one color, though, because you never know if that color will clash in another room, or if the style will let in too much light in another. For example, you may want to maximize sunlight in your dining room with some sheer shades, but block out all light with double-lined drapery in the bedroom. Make sure you order swatches for all your room options so you can make well-informed decisions.

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