5 Quick Fixes to Organize Your Home

It’s time to talk organization. It’s probably one of the most important parts of the home, because what’s the point of having an awesome interior design scheme if there’s clutter everywhere? Whether you hate cleaning (let’s face it, who genuinely likes it?) or just need to do more in the little time you have, you’re not alone.Here are some quick and easy tips to get your home picture-perfect in no time.

1. Give your coffee table a purpose

Coffee tables seem to be clutter magnets! Books, coffee mugs, mail, jackets—everything seems to end up on the coffee table. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to this: get a tufted ottoman with interior storage. This way, you won’t be able to leave dishes laying around, you can throw things inside when you’re in a pinch for space, and it can double as seating! These are also great for kids because there are no corners to bump into during playtime! (Pro Tip: it’s okay to leave decorative items on top, just make sure they look intentional, not forgetful!)

Ottoman tufted cream colored

from Wayfair

2. When you can’t go forward, go up!

Shelves, shelves, shelves! Maximizing vertical space is the best way to clear clutter from your counters, tables and floor. Our favorite place to do so is the kitchen; installing shelves to store dishes and hanging kitchenware from suspension lines not only saves spaces, but it looks so chic and classy. Hello, chic open shelves! Another great place to store upwards is the shoe rack—why line them all up by the door if you can just stack them up? This technique works well in really any room; give it a try and see your rooms clear up instantly!

Kitchen shelving organization

from Catalystic Media

3. Bins and labels

Although modern branding has stepped up it’s game lately, sometimes store-bought packages can really throw off the mojo of your home, especially if you have multiples of partly-used items. An easy fix is to combine items and put them in a reusable container. Even better if you have cute labels on them. No more worrying when you ask your house guest to grab the opened, unsealed flour that’s slightly tipped over and spilling in your pantry.

Pantry organization

from Decor Pad

4. Efficient entryway

We now realize we were a bit generous earlier; your coffee table becomes cluttered if the clutter even makes it that far! In many homes, the entryway just becomes filled with things you don’t feel like carrying into the next room (even we can say we are guilty of this.) An easy combat to this problem is to develop an efficient entryway. Coat hanger, mail organizer, umbrella holder, key holder, shoe rack—all these things give items a place to be rather than becoming clutter wherever you let go of them.

Pottery Barn Entryway Organizer

from Pottery Barn

5. Clear the couch with a decorative ladder

Blankets are the best for cozying up on the couch, but an unfolded throw can often make a living room look way messier than it is! Hang up your throw blankets on a rustic, decorative ladder to kill two birds with one stone.

Decorative Ladder

from Pexels

There you go! Now that you’ve got these quick and easy fixes, what are you waiting for? Pinpoint the problem spots in your home and get organizin’!

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