5 Reasons Why B&W Window Treatments Are Ridiculously Easy To Buy

1. We offer free swatches

At Barn & Willow, we offer free swatches sent right to your doorstep so you can test out colors and materials before making any decisions. No credit card information is required, and ordering is quick and easy. Select any five swatches from our 35 color options, tell us where to ship them, and get the swatches within three days. Each fabric swatch is 5” by 5”, and they are all accompanied by privacy lining and blackout lining swatches. Head here to order swatches!

We also have a try before you buy option, which lets you get an actual panel to hang up in your home and see the real deal. These panels require a deposit of $15, but don’t worry, it’ll be refunded once we get the panels back (plus, shipping is on us both ways!).

Barn & Willow free fabric swatches

2. You know where your money’s going

When you order from us, you’re not paying for fancy branding or fluff, you’re just paying for your window treatments. In traditional retail, window coverings are marked up 250% by the time it reaches the customer.  By removing layer after layer of unnecessary middlemen cost, we deliver the best possible value to you. You’re paying for high-quality window coverings made of the finest materials, not branding hype or the unnecessary third parties.

3. Guaranteed 10-day delivery

Once you submit your order, we guarantee you’ll get your window treatments within 10 business days. This means that we send your order to our factory in Belgium, they make your custom-sized product, and it gets sent right to your doorstep when you need it most. Once it arrives, it’s ready to be installed; no need to get extra trimming or fitting!

Barn & Willow Shale Roman Shade

4. Custom sized so it always fits

Speaking of custom sizes, we work with you to make sure that you get the perfect sizing to fit your home. We have a measurement calculator on our site to help you through the process, as well as measurement guidelines for both draperies and shades to help you determine panel length, width, add fullness, and choose inside or outside mount.

5. White glove customer service

We want to make sure you get your dream window coverings. This means that if you need it, we’re ready to hold your hand the whole way and get any questions answered that you may have. We also have an in-house designer who will come to your rescue if you feel overwhelmed at any point or just need some pointers on what window treatments will look best in your home. Spend a few minutes on the phone, shoot her a message at designer@barnandwillow.com, or book a 15-minute design consultation here. Our lovely customer service team is ready to answer any questions you may have, so don’t be shy!

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