6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Style

Half the fun of furnishing your home is getting to style your space however you see fit. That’s why it pays to know what areas of your home can actually be styled in the first place! So to inspire your future design endeavors, we rounded up six surprising spaces you can easily style at home whenever you feel like switching things up. From bookshelves to side tables, these six areas of your home are brimming with unexpected design potential.

Image via Coco Lapine Design

1. Windows.

If you think your windows are only good for the view, you're seriously mistaken. Along with drapes, shades, and other window treatments, your windows—particularly the sills—are the perfect place to style a handful of books, candles, and houseplants, just like we saw on Coco Lapine Design.

Image via Made By Katy

2. Books.

Believe it or not, your books and bookshelves are ripe with design opportunity. Whether you organize your books by spine color or simply turn them around for a streamlined display (like we saw on Made by Katy), a well-styled bookshelf can transform your collections into an interior work of art in a matter of minutes.

Image via The Every Girl

3. Side table surfaces.

A good side table will take your living room setup to the next level, but a well-styled side table surface is a game-changer. Do yourself a solid and stage your nearest side table with an interesting table lamp, art object, or coffee table book to create a stylish scene that speaks to your unique style, just like we saw on The Every Girl.

Image via The Merry Thought

4. Houseplants.

Who knew our beloved houseplants offered up so much design potential? Along with storing them in eye-catching planters and unconventional vessels, you can style your assortment of houseplants by arranging them by height, species, or leaf color, like we saw on The Merry Thought.

Image via Style Me Pretty

5. Wall art.

Why stop at a single piece of wall art when you can have a whole gallery wall? Instead of sprinkling a couple of pieces of art throughout your home, consider forging a salon-style display in your living room with an eclectic mix of photos, paintings, and other images to make a bolder statement, like we saw on Style Me Pretty.

Image via Home Talk

6. Your closet.

Chances are you’re already KonMari’ing the heck out of your closet, so why not style your clothes rack while you’re in there?  Take a cue from Anni at Home Talk and arrange your garments by color, sleeve length, or style to score a well-organized closet that’s also easy on the eyes.