6 Ways to Score More Bathroom Storage

Finding stylish ways to score more storage space in your bathroom is never easy. That’s why it helps to know what kinds of small space-friendly décor items also offer up some extra storage room.

So we searched the web high and low and gathered some of the savviest bathroom storage solutions we could find. From super slim storage towers to clever under-the-sink organizers, read ahead for six easy (and affordable) ways to upgrade your bathroom storage situation in seconds—without sacrificing an inch of style. 

Image via A Bowl Full of Lemons

Image via A Bowl Full of Lemons

Under-the-sink organizers

A little under-the-sink organizing can go a long way in a cramped bathroom. Transform the area under your sink into a streamlined display by employing some stackable bins, shelf risers, or even an over-the-door organizer, like the one we spotted on A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Image via Shelly Rose

Image via Shelly Rose

Super slim storage towers

With the right organizer, even the smallest sliver of bathroom space is brimming with storage opportunity. Case in point: super slim sliding towers, like this wheeled wonder on Amazon, that are narrow enough to squeeze into just about any area of your bathroom—including next to your toilet like we saw on Shelly Rose—and provide multiple tiers of unexpected storage space. 

Image via A Beautiful Mess

Image via A Beautiful Mess

Rolling carts

If you thought rolling carts were reserved for larger spaces, then think again. A compact rolling cart, like this one we spotted on A Beautiful Mess, provides extra room for stashing everything from bath towels to hair supplies, and can move around your bathroom with ease. 

Image via Shades of Blue Interiors

Image via Shades of Blue Interiors


Vertical storage

Believe it or not, your empty bathroom walls are ripe with storage potential. Take a cue from Shades of Blue Interiors and mount a few floating shelves or picture ledges (for smaller items like nail polish) around your bathroom and take advantage of some vertical storage opportunity.

Image via Style Me Pretty

Image via Style Me Pretty


Sink organizers

Never underestimate the storage power of a well-organized sink counter. Do yourself a favor and employ a few sophisticated vessels— think acrylic makeup organizers, ceramic brush holders, and sleek trays—to corral all of your cosmetics in style, just like we saw on Style Me Pretty.

Image via Rocky My Style

Image via Rock My Style


When all else fails, you can always count on a stylish storage basket to carve out a bit more storage space for your bathroom. Place on top of your toilet or by your bathtub to store towels, toilet paper, and other go-to toiletries like we saw on Rock My Style.