5 Tips to Choose the Best Window Treatments for Your Nursery

Are you approaching that special time in your life of expecting a child? Has the nesting phase taken over? With all the preparation that goes into creating the perfect space to raise your child, there is one aspect of a nursery that is often forgotten or put off until later: window treatments. 

Window treatments not only tie a nursery together aesthetically but are essential for privacy and sunlight control. Here are some tips to finding the perfect nursery window treatments inspired by our friends at Sprout San Francisco.

 Barn & Willow drapes in Sprout San Francisco

1. Pick your color palette

Drapes are a great way to add a pop of color to a room. At Barn & Willow, we have some fun, baby-neutral colorways like Oatmeal, Off-White and Mist Gray, as well as fun pops of color such as  Spruce, Cool Lavender and Seafoam. There are plenty of options to either match your color scheme or give a little something extra to that pastel-based nursery.

2. Find the perfect length

If your toddler can reach it, it likely won’t stay clean for long. At around 9 to 12 months, your little one will start grabbing hold of things to pull themselves up and take their first steps. Keep your drape length 4 to 5 feet above the ground the avoid adorable grubby hands making a mess of your drapes for years to come. Alternatively, Roman Shades are a chic option for a baby-proof room.

3. Find a fabric that fits your needs

For those who prefer natural options, our Organic Cotton fabric line is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards. Barn & Willow and Sprout aim to provide the most natural materials on the market. Choosing organic cotton as a part of our available fabrics allows us to do our part by helping both the earth and families who wish to stay all natural.

4. Go blackout 

Keep your little ones dreaming with blackout drapes and shades. They'll help regulate the temperature of the room and will prevent the sun from keeping them up during their naps or when the sun rises in the morning. 

5. Don’t save it for last

It takes time and planning to pick out the perfect drapes and shades for your needs. Don’t save this step for last! Make sure your nursery has all the essentials, including window treatments.

Stop by Sprout San Francisco if you're in the area and check out our Organic Cotton line in person! Swatch kits are also available for pickup at their San Francisco and Brooklyn locations!

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