Decor Inspo: 4 of Our Fav Ways to Use Acrylic Pour Paint Decor

What is acrylic pour paint decor?  You’ll recognize it once you see it even if you didn’t know there was an actual name for it!

Acrylic Pour canvas painting

Recognize it now? There we go!

This style of decor is an increasingly popular method for artists because it gives paint a thin consistency, creates super cool cell effects, and has less of a chance of cracking.The effect creates stunning visuals on canvas, wood, and other mediums.

The perfect way to add a pop of color or creativity, here are some of our favorite ways to include acrylic pour paint decor in your home.

1. Canvas on the Wall

The simplest and most popular way is to just place a painted canvas on the wall! This simple yet intricate design will catch any guest’s eye and make you look oh-so-chic.

While you can always buy super fancy wall art for $1,200 at auctions, a more fun approach is to just do it yourself! Turn a lazy Sunday into creative bonding time with friends or family. Pro tip: getting the gals together with a couple bottles of Chardonnay makes for some seriously fun times.

Acrylic pour canvas art

Image via Craft-Mart

2. Canvas Letters

If a rectangle is too plain for you, spice it up by plastering that design on some cool letters!  You can buy canvas letters at most art supply stores or online, and can follow any DIY technique to reach the final product. Here are some things we would want to spell: “RELAX,” “WELCOME,” “BARN & WILLOW.” What are yours?

Consumer Crafts ART Canvas Letters

Image via Consumer Crafts

3. Wooden Shapes

The beautiful thing about wood is that it can be cut into almost any shape! How about your state, favorite animal, your anniversary date? Anything your heart desires! Here’s an awesome tutorial on how to do paint pouring on wood. Get creative and get decorating!

Robb Restyle Acrylic Pour Wooden Shapes

Image via Robb Restyle

4. Tables

A jaw-droppingly beautiful way of including the design in your home is to put it on table! This unique piece of furniture will make you start volunteering to host Thursday cocktail nights every week just so you can show it off. “Oh, that old thing? Just something I picked up, didn’t even think you’d notice! ;).” Here is a way to DIY it, and here’s a place you can purchase it from a freelance artist!

Acrylic Pour Table Design

Image via FreedomFlowsArt

Whether you go simple with a rectangular canvas, or unique with letters, we encourage you to try one of these styles! And if you don’t have that artistic bug in you (it’s okay, most of us don’t!), try checking out pieces on Etsy to support your independent artists.