5 Surprising Ways To Use Barn & Willow Drapes in Your Bedroom

Your drapes are teeming with bedroom design potential—it just takes a little imagination. To help inspire your next bedroom revamp, we gathered a handful of unexpectedly stylish ways to use Barn & Willow drapes in your bedroom—no windows necessary. From a DIY canopy bed to a custom headboard and more, read ahead for five surprising ways to use drapes in your bedroom.

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Photo by @jojotastic via @barnandwillow

1. Create a canopy bed

Nothing boho-ifies a room faster than flowy, sheer drapery panels. Dress up a humdrum bed setup by hanging two pairs of pretty curtains canopy-style above (and around) your bed with the help of some of Barn & Willow’s ceiling-mountable hardware.

2. Fashion a custom-made headboard

No headboard on your bed? No problem. Flank the head of your bed frame with a chic pair of Barn & Willow drapes to create a custom bedroom display—no headboard required.

3. Carve out a cozy nook

Dreaming of a proper reading or napping nook in your bedroom but not exactly sure how to forge one? Simply hang some curtain panels from the ceiling so that they envelope a handful of floor cushions or an overstuffed armchair to score your very own private mini lounge/nook.

4. Forge an accent wall

Searching for a renter-friendly way to forge a statement wall in your bedroom? Instead of painting an actual accent wall, consider hanging a pair of drapes, in an eye-catching material such as cool lavender-colored organic cotton, to make a bold (but easily reversible) statement.

5. Cover your closet

Working with a bedroom closet without any actual doors? No worries.  Hang a pair of sleek curtain panels above your closet to conceal your storage without sacrificing an inch of style.  

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