How to Style Window Treatments on Large Windows

For as beautiful as large windows can be in a room, styling them with drapes and shades can be tricky. So, to help make your home decorating endeavors go more smoothly, we rounded up a handful of ways to style your large windows like a pro. From layered looks to high-end hardware, here’s how to dress up your oversized windows at home.

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Image by @jennasuedesign via @barnandwillow

Invest in Quality Hardware

Nothing ruins the appearance of your large window treatments like cheap hardware. Stick with high-quality hardware, like Barn & Willow’s bespoke drapery hardware collection, since the inexpensive stuff can cause sagging in the middle of your curtain rod (under the weight of the drapery panel).

Double Up on Drape Panels

The only thing worse than limp, flat-looking drapery panels are large limp, flat-looking drapery panels. Avoid letting your draperies look like a stretched sheet when drawn by doubling up on drapery panels to create fullness for curtains on big windows.

Go For Giant Roman Shades

If you thought roman shades were reserved for traditionally sized windows then it’s time to think again. Not only do giant roman shades look awesome on large windows, at Barn & Willow, you can specify your exact window measurements so you get the perfect size of shade no matter how big or tall.

Layer Like You Mean It

Why choose between drape panels and roman shades when you can have both? Large windows offer lots of extra room to layer drapes over your roman shades—so you can have the best of both window treatment worlds on your oversized windows.

Employ Multiple Panels

Searching for a goof proof way to forge a fancy drape display for your oversized windows? Hang three or more drapery panels on the same long curtain rod to create a luxe and voluminous look for your larger than life windows.

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