5 Ways to Dress Up Your Window Treatments

Your window treatments are brimming with design opportunities, it just takes a little inspiration. So to help jumpstart your decorating endeavors, we gathered a handful of stylish ways you can dress up your Barn & Willow drapes and shades at home. From hanging plants to eye-catching curtain rods, here’s how to liven up your neutral window coverings in no time.

1. With plants

home decor ideas, houseplant, drapery

Image by @blushhome via @barnandwillow

Never underestimate the decorative impact of a leafy green houseplant in a window vignette. Case in point: the colorful hanging plant we spotted on @blushhome. Suspend a woven macramé-style holder from a curtain rod to score a similar look at home.

2. With a commanding curtain rod

home decor ideas, drapery, curtain rod

Image by @em_henderson via @barnandwillow

Why settle for a so-so curtain rod when you can have a stylish one instead? Upgrade your windows by hanging your Barn & Willow drapes from an eye-catching curtain rod, like the clean-lined matte black one we spotted on @em_henderson.

Barn & Willow recently launched our own line of hardware as well! Get Emily's look with our Flint Satin collection of rods and finials. 

3. With lighting

home decor ideas, string lights, drapesImage by @jennasuedesign⁠ via @barnandwillow

A little lighting goes a long way with window treatments. Upgrade the entire ambience of a room by stringing a few sleek strands of string lights around your drapes or shades to create a warm and welcoming scene, like we saw on @jennasuedesign.

4. With a decorative tieback

home decor ideas, tieback, drapesImage by @jojotastic via @barnandwillow 

Searching for a chic and simple way to brighten up your Barn & Willow drapes? Follow in @jojotastic’s footsteps and use a tasseled tie back to bring a touch of color and drama to your flowy white curtains.

5. With a well-styled windowsill

home decor ideas, windowsill, roman shadesImage by @kimmyintx via @barnandwillow

When all else fails, you can always count on a well-styled windowsill to dress up your drapes or shades. Take a cue from @kimmyintx and place artwork and a small houseplant under your Barn & Willow shades to make a sophisticated statement on your windowsill.



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