The Right Decorative Finial for Every Design Style

If you haven’t already heard, Barn & Willow released their very first line of hardware to complement your drapes at home. Handcrafted by artisans in Suffolk, England, the easy-to-install collection of curtain rods come in a variety of sleek finishes, with five different styles of decorative finials including Stud, Disc, Squat Disc, Ball, and Faceted—to choose from, too.

So, what to do when it comes time to pick out the perfect finial for your window treatment hardware but aren’t sure which kind is right for you? Read ahead for a goof-proof list of the best finial for every design style.

 stud decorative finial, home decor ideas


If you’re a fan of minimalist style interiors, then we have the finial for you. Simple and sophisticated, stud finials are chic but understated--making them ideal for lovers of clean lines and ultra-modern design elements.  

disc finial, home decor ideas


Slightly larger (and showier) than studs, disc finials are ideal for modern and industrial design enthusiasts alike. Make a modern window statement by pairing your Euro-pleated Barn & Willow drapes with a disc finial-capped curtain rod or use them to bring a pop of personality to your crisp 2-pleat drapery panels.  

squat disc finial, home decor ideas

Squat Disc

Love the look of relaxed drapes but not sure what finial is right for you? Barn & Willow squat disc finials are curvy but casual, making them an awesome choice for admirers of boho-style spaces and farmhouse-inspired interiors.


ball decorative finial, home decor ideas


If you love transitional interiors—aka ones with a solid mix of traditional and contemporary design elements—then you might want to consider a ball finial. Smooth and shapely, these stylish finials perfectly complement both modern and classic tastes.

faceted decorative finial, home decor ideas


Maximalist design lovers rejoice: We have the finial for you! Sleek but structured, faceted finials are an easy way to bring a touch of drama to your window treatments without overpowering your drapes—so they’ll work well for fans of both eclectic and contemporary interiors.