Ebie Hepworth: Trend Setter & Fearless Co. Founder

As a woman-founded company, we're always so excited to learn from and support other #girlbosses. Introducing Ebie Hepworth, an interior designer by night and Fearless Co. founder by day taking care of the sweetest, happiest family you ever did see. See why we love Ebie so much and how you can get the look in her home below!


What is Fearless Co. and what motivated you to launch it?

Fearless Co. is a nonprofit that exists to encourage women to live a life unhindered by fear. We provide online resources, podcasts, devotionals, gatherings, and other content that is created to serve the demographic of women that desire to live in freedom. It was started as a platform to encourage and equip women to live out their lives unhindered by fear. Esther, an amazingly inspiring woman and friend, was the original founder then in her kindness she let me come alongside her and help build it into something fresh. It has been a beautiful outlet to creatively produce content that asks the hard questions and comes together to seek true answers.

What inspires your work with Fearless Co. the most?

My entire life I have desires to allow my life to leave an impact. Before Fearless Co. it was another organization that served to rescue and restore women from human trafficking. After years of conversing and sitting across the coffee table from other women I came to hear that regardless of someones following, economic status, income level, and physical location, fear is a thing that stops us from living free lives. While facing the fears will look different for everyone, the outcome is always the same, and that is freedom. I get most inspired when I see the fruit of our vulnerability. Because we are braving the hard questions few are willing to ask, women feel seen and acknowledged. My biggest desire with my life and everything I put my hands too is to be lived and led with true humility and vulnerability.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Midcentury and boho. I LOVE a nice clean white couch mixed with different browns and plants but I have two toddlers. Therefore, the plants get uprooted, and my dream of all white everything will have to be put on hold for awhile. I find myself so much more dynamic in my thinking when I am working and writing in a space that is clean and artistically luring. For me, picking a clean and simple look is very important because I want each room in my home to full out creative ideas.

Optic White Roman Shade

Tell me about your Barn & Willow roman shade [optic white roman shade]? (i.e. what fabric color did you choose and why? What style, lining, etc.).

We picked the Optic White roman shade, with the Belgium linen, and a privacy lining because it softened the look of our opening room. We have a lot of natural light in that front room that we wanted to always keep but at the same time, its nice to be able to lower them and have privacy. We are ABSOLUTELY in love with them.

Where will you be using it? And why?

We just bought our first home as a family in March of 2018 and we are JUST getting to the fun part of being able to take down everything we had just because it came from our old house, and actually design the house of our dreams. Being VERY picky and often a penny pitcher, starting with Barn and Willow with high quality shades was exactly what we wanted to do. So now the rest of the main front room will be designed with our beautiful shades in mind. But you bet that our next shade purchases will be in our kids rooms so they will stop waking up at the sunrise every morning and will learn to sleep in ;)

Any insight on the view from that window? And more specifically, the ways in which your Barn & Willow shade might frame or enhance the view?

Our main window looks out onto our front porch and yard and so we wanted to pick a shade that was simple and pure but inviting and open.

Any tips for our readers at home looking to score a similar look at home?

If you are starting from scratch with re-designing a room, I recommend starting with the shades/drapes. Since they are such a statement (and practical piece to a room), it makes the rest of your design project a little easier. Picking shades/drapes can also be daunting since the options of colors and fabrics are large. So being able to get the fun and hard decision out of the way from the start is always nice.

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