5 Ways to Maximize Natural Light In Your Home

Ask any interiors experts and they’ll tell you the same: Good lighting is essential to a well-designed space. Not many south-facing windows in your place? No problem. From sheer curtains, to mirrors, to Roman shades, here’s how to maximize the natural light inside your home.

dining room lighting ideas

Image via Barn & Willow

1. Hang Sheer Drapes

Nothing ushers more natural light into a room than a window dressed in sheer drapes. Adorn the windows that receive natural light in your home with curtains composed of gauzy materials, like our Belgian Sheer Linen Drapes, to stylishly maximize the sunlight in the space.

2. Mount Mirrors

A few well-placed mirrors can go a long way in enhancing the natural light your home receives. Hang a mirror on the wall across from a light-receiving window and help bounce light around the space. Or, take it one step further and decorate a naturally well-lit room with mirrored accent furnishings, such as side tables and picture frames, to maximize the sunlight.

3. Employ Light Tones

Light hues naturally reflect heat wavelengths, while dark hues absorb them. That’s why filling your home with light-colored décor items—think white paint palettes and neutral furnishings—will instantly make the space appear brighter by playing up the natural light it receives.

4. Decorate with Houseplants

You can always depend on houseplants to help you maximize the sunlight in a room. Not only do they release air-purifying oxygen into a room, plants naturally reflect heat wavelengths--so decorating with them will brighten up your home and improve your indoor air quality.   

5. Try Roman Shades

A hybrid of curtains and blinds, Roman shades consist of a soft fabric panel and a cord/ring system that raises and lowers them. This means that you can quickly open them to channel more sunlight into a room with ease. Opt for Roman shades in a sheer, light-colored shade, like our Belgian Flax Linen Roman Shade in Optic White, to instantly enhance the natural light that any room of your home receives.



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