Barn & Willow's Texture Predictions for 2020

Great for creating a rich, layered look or simply warming up a space, a little texture goes a long way in a room. Whether you’re a fan of subdued minimalist-minded spaces or boho-inspired décor, read ahead for five fabrics and finishes that will be all the rage in 2020 for any style of interior.

1. Velvet

velvet drape ideas

Velvet furnishings are having a moment and it’s not difficult to see why. Luxe, chic, and effortlessly cool, velvet upholstered furniture and window treatments, like our teal velvet drapery panels, can make a bold statement in just about any style of space.

2. Matte Black

matte black curtain hardware

If you aren’t hip to the impact of matte black in a room, then now’s the time to smarten up. Sophisticated yet edgy, matte black finishes, like the one found on our Flint Satin drapery hardware, soften up an interior scene while providing a pop of personality.

3. Brass

brass decor ideas

Sleek but stunning, brass décor items are a fun way to experiment with metal finishes in a room without overpowering the space. Swap out your humdrum bathroom pulls for brass ones for a timely upgrade, or invest in brass kitchen fixtures to revamp the space—no contractor necessary.

4. Bold Graphic Prints

custom shades

Pattern lovers rejoice: Bold graphic prints are trending for 2020. Whether you prefer romantic floral motifs or eye-catching abstract ones, colorful fabrics and prints, including a few of our roller shade styles, are a goof-proof way to turn a sofa, window, or other area of your home into an artful focal point in the room.  

5. Brushed Finishes

brushed stainless steel

Prefer your stainless steel with a little more oomph? Brushed steel finishes, like the ones on our Brushed Carbon drapery hardware, are slated to be the next big thing in 2020 because they offer a cool, muted take on an otherwise shiny material.


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