5 Ways to Upgrade Your Windows in 2021

2021 has arrived and there’s no better time than now to spruce up your space for the new year. But before you embark on a major home décor overhaul, consider revamping some of your window scenes for a fresh yet impactful redesign in a room. From upgrading your drapery hardware to installing custom-made window treatments, here’s how to revamp your window displays at home for the new year.

2021 window trends

Photo by @bradytolbert via @barnandwillow

Upgrade to custom window treatments.

Your windows are teeming with design potential, it just takes the right drapes and shades. For a long time, the quickest way to get your hands on a good set of window coverings was to run to the closest department store and buy them right off the shelf. Fortunately, Barn & Willow has made scoring a set of custom-made window treatments easier than ever. All of Barn & Willow’s Roman drapes and shades are made to order in India, where the linen fabric is cut and stitched to your specifications, allowing you to customize everything from the style and pleat to the fabric and color of your window coverings to create your own unique window scheme.

Update your drapery hardware.

A sophisticated drapery rod can elevate your entire window scene in minutes. Handcrafted by artisans in Suffolk England, Barn & Willow’s easy-to-install collection of drapery rods come in a variety of sleek finishes—including Brushed Stainless Steel (a muted luster steel finish with low reflection); Flint Satin (a soft, matte finish with very low reflection); and Brushed Carbon (a muted luster finish with low reflection)—with your choice of finial, mounting hardware, and rings. Upgrade your drapery hardware for a fresh window display that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Layer window treatments.

A little layering can go a long way when you’re upgrading a window display. To create a luxe, layered look in any room of your home, try a combination of tone-on-tone roller shades and drapes as window treatments. If you prefer to make a statement in your windows, flank a patterned roller shade with a pair of colorful drapes to create an eye-catching window scene that won’t overpower the rest of the space.  

Play with color.

When selecting the shade of your fabric for your window treatments, the general rule of thumb is to go a shade lighter or darker than your wall color. However, if you’re looking for a fun way to energize your windows in the new year, you might want to consider breaking outside the box and hanging some colorful window treatments, such as Barn & Willow’s Teal Velvet Drapery or Sapphire Velvet Shades, to shake things up. Or, for a more subdued look, try matching your drapes to the exact colors of your walls, to create a cohesive, monochrome window scene that’s simply elegant.  

Style your drapes.

Windows often serve as the focal point of a room, which is why styling your drapes in a design-savvy way can transform the overall ambience of a space. Hang your drapes at least six inches above the frame of the window—or as close to the ceiling as possible—so you can show off your drapes in style while creating the illusion of a loftier space. Or, to add a touch of bohemian drama to your window scene, hang your drapes so that they puddle two to three inches on the floor, and forge a flowy effect that’s nothing short of boho chic.




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