6 Drape Tricks for a More Design-Savvy Space

Your drapes are brimming with design potential, it just takes the right styling tricks. To prove our point, we rounded up a handful of ways to style your drapes to make a more design-savvy impact in any area of your home. From using sheer drapes to make a small room appear larger to hanging solid-colored drapes to conceal storage from plain sight, here are six design hacks that you can pull off with the right drapery.

drapery design tricks

1. Use sheer drapes to open up a cramped room.

Searching for a chic way to open up a small room? Belgian Sheer Linen Drapes, in a light airy shade such as Off-White or Oatmeal are gauzy enough to let in the natural light and make a tight room appear larger (and brighter) than it actually is without further cramping up the space.

2. Use drapes to upgrade your bedroom.

When styled with imagination, drapes can transform your entire bedroom into an elevated space in no time. Dress up a humdrum bed frame by hanging two pairs of Belgian Flax Linen Drapes in Optic White canopy-style above and around your bed using Barn & Willow’s ceiling-mountable hardware. Or, fashion your own colorful bedroom display by hanging Organic Cotton Drapes in Cool Lavender behind your bed instead of a bulky headboard.

3. Use solid drapes to conceal storage.

Looking for a stylish way to turn wall shelving or a doorless closet into a sophisticated storage display? Hang a pair of sleek, solid-colored drapes, like Belgian Flax Linen Drapes in Stone Gray or Velvet Drapes in Teal from a drapery rod installed a few inches above your closet or shelves to conceal your unsightly storage from plain sight without sacrificing any style.


drapery storage solutions

Photo by @jojotastic via @barnandwillow

4. Create a cozy reading nook with drapes.

If you’ve been dreaming of carving out a reading or napping nook at home but aren’t sure how to create one, then look no further than stylish, lightweight drapes. Hang a pair of Belgian Flax Linen Drapes in Light Gray or Organic Cotton Drapes in Birch perpendicularly from the ceiling above a corner in your living room or bedroom and simply lay some plush pillows down or pull up a cozy armchair to score your own private mini-lounge area at home.

5. Use drapes instead of room dividers in an open-layout space.

If you’d like to create designated zones within an open layout space, consider using drapes instead of unattractive room dividers. Hang some flowing drapes in a versatile material and tone, like Belgian Flax Linen Drapes in Mist Gray or Organic Cotton Drapes in Storm Gray, from a suspended drapery rod to stylishly separate your living room from your dining room and sleeping space in an open loft or studio.

6. Add lining to make your drapes look fuller.

The right kind of lining can make a big difference when creating fullness for your drapes. Add privacy, blackout, or interlining to your customizable Barn & Willow drapes (unless they’re composed of Belgian sheer linen) to bring weight to your curtains so they’ll look fuller and fall better when you hang them.

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