5 Ways Window Treatments Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Along with bringing style and visual interest to a room, certain window treatments have the power to improve your overall quality of life. Sure, drapes and shades might seem insignificant, but research suggests there’s a strong link between the window treatments you hang and how good you feel at home.


Don’t believe us? From boosted Vitamin D levels to improved quality of sleep, here’s how Barn & Willow window treatments can enhance your everyday life.



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They can boost your mood.


A little natural light can go a long way inside your home. The right window treatments can maximize the amount of light that streams into a room, which can increase your exposure to sunlight and in turn, boost your Vitamin D levels and your mood. Dress the windows in your home office with gauzy Belgian Sheer Linen Drapes to ensure the space receives plenty of natural light throughout the day, so you can stay razor sharp and focused on your work.  


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They provide privacy.


Window treatments help create a barrier between your home and the outside world. To create privacy throughout your home, stick with drapes and shades composed of fabrics with a little density, like Belgian Linen or Belgian Flax Linen that can still let in light while blocking out unwanted sight lines into your space. Additionally, all of Barn & Willow’s drapes and roman shades can be customized with privacy lining, which provides more coverage than sheer or unlined window treatments and won’t shut out natural light entirely.


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They’ll help you fall asleep faster—and stay asleep for longer.


Nothing’s worse than trying to fall asleep in a bedroom filled with bright light and loud noises. Hanging blackout-lined Barn & Willow drapes, roman shades, or roller shades in your bedroom windows can help block out unwanted sunlight and noise, so you can sleep more soundly at night. And since blackout-lined window coverings are designed to insulate your windows, they’ll also help keep your bedroom cool, which experts say is key to creating a quality sleep environment.


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They can lower your utility bills.

Not only will blackout-lined drapes or shades help sound and light-proof a space, they can also reduce energy costs (and your home’s ecological footprint) by cutting down the amount of sunlight and heat-producing ultraviolet rays that enter your home. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that heat gained-and-lost through windows is responsible for about 25-to-30 percent of residential heating and cooling energy use, so by installing insulating blackout-lined drapes and shades throughout your home can help you cut back on energy waste, lower your utility bills, and live more eco-consciously at home.


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They can elevate the entire ambience of your home.


High quality window treatments can do more than regulate sunlight, sound, and your indoor temperature, they can help set the aesthetic tone for a room. For instance, flowy sheer drapes can help bring a boho touch to a room, while blackout lining can add a little bit of weight to drapery panels, allowing them to fall and pool more elegantly. What’s more, window treatments with vertical patterns, like the Polygon Charcoal Blackout Roller Shades, can visually expand the length of your windows, making both the room and your windows appear larger than they actually are.

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