6 Window Treatment Hacks to Upgrade Your Space

Your window treatments are teeming with decorative potential, it just takes a little imagination—and the right design trick. From coordinating your drapes with your wall color to create cohesiveness (and the illusion of a larger space) to layering shades for volume and contrast, here are six window treatment hacks you will wish you'd known about sooner.

  match shades to wall paint

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1. Coordinate your drapes with your wall color to create cohesiveness.

When selecting the shade of fabric for your window treatments, the general rule of thumb is to go a shade lighter or darker than your wall color. However, if you match your drapes to the shade of your walls, you can create a cohesive, monochrome window scheme that will make the whole space seem bigger than it actually is. For classic white-walled rooms, look no further than Barn & Willow’s Off White Belgian Flax Linen Drapery. And for trendy greige walls, go for Oatmeal Belgian Flax Linen Drapery.


patterned roller shade ideas

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2. Use patterned roller shades in lieu of artwork.


Why fill a large living room wall with a pricey oversized piece of art when you can achieve a similar effect with functional window treatments? Not only will Barn & Willow’s Blackout Roller Shades insulate your windows (and keep unwanted sunlight and sound at bay), they’re available in an array of eye-catching colors and patterns, including Pisces Amethyst and Patch Sage that can turn any size of window into an artful display.


curtain rod tricks

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3. Hang your rods extra high to open up a cramped space.


Since your window treatments often function as a focal point in a room, the higher towards the ceiling you place your rod, the larger and more spacious your entire room will appear. That’s why Barn & Willow recommends hanging your drapery rods at least six-inches above the frame of the window to help create the illusion of a larger, loftier space—without having to hire a contractor.


layer window treatment ideas

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4. Layer window treatments for volume and contrast.


A little layering can go a long way when you’re upgrading a window scheme. To create a luxe, layered look that will bring depth and dimension into any room of your home, try a combination of tone-on-tone roman shades and drapes to create a voluminous window treatment scene. Or, create contrast in your windows by pairing a patterned roller shade with a pair of colorful drapes to create an exuberant window display.


window treatment hacks

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5. Use sheer drapes to open up a small space.


Searching for a chic way to open up a cramped room? Belgian Sheer Linen Drapes, in a light airy shade such as Off-White or Oatmeal are gauzy enough to let in the natural light and make a small room seem bigger and brighter than it really is without adding an unnecessary visual weight to the space.


how to make drapes look fuller

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6. Add lining to make your drapes look fuller.


The right kind of lining can make a big difference when you’re trying to create fullness for your drapes. Add privacy, blackout, or interlining to your customizable Barn & Willow drapes (unless they’re composed of Belgian sheer linen) to add a little weight to your drapes, so they’ll puddle effortlessly, look fuller, and fall better when you hang them.

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