6 Pieces of Furniture You've Likely Never Seen Before

7 new furniture designs you've never seen before

Norm Architects 


Fresh off the heels of Design Week in Stockholm just earlier this month, we are sharing 6 new designs that you probably have not seen around the web yet. It's always exciting to see what new designs are about to hit the market and how slowly they will trickle down to the every day consumer. To get a taste for what designers have been working on and new shapes you might see in your own home in the not-so-distant future, take a look at these 6 newbies.

Above is the Braid sofa designed by Norm Architects for Studio MK27 which combines subtle references to iconic Danish designers such as  Børge Mogensen, Hans Bølling and Finn Juhl. The armrests are made of braided paper and gained inspiration from Japanese tatami mats. The clean lines and soft upholstered cushions gives it an undoubtedly Danish look. Would you like a sofa like this in your home?!


7 new furniture pieces you've never seen before



Next up is a chair and barstool collection called "Fonts" designed by Studio David Thulstrup for Mobil Copenhagen. The set of seating was named after fonts for their varying thicknesses, used in both typefaces and lines of furniture. The rounded, circular shape of the chairs with armrests extend in such a way to almost embrace whoever sits in them! Who knew a chair could hug you? 



7 Pieces of Furniture You've Probably Never Seen Before

Skagerak Turn Coat Stand 


Do coat racks feel like a thing of the past? If the idea of a coat rack conjures of scenes form old films where overcoats and hats are placed immediately after entering a home, well you are wrong my friend. Coat stands are a thing of the present and Danish brand Skagerak is here to convince you with their Turn Coat Stand made of steam bent wood. While this particular design may be new, Skagerak has been around since 1976 and they have been producing quality, iconic pieces ever since. 


7 New pieces of furniture you haven't seen yet

6 pieces of furniture you've probably never seen before



While Skagerak has been around for decades, Voice is a spring chicken by comparison but just take a look at their fresh crop of "fundamental" furniture they've designed for the modern home. The new range has a bit of everything from seating to a multitude of storage options. 

"It's about restrained forms with detailing at a very high level," he continued. "To create design that's understated but not austere, means you have to take great care of proportions, colours and tactility. The visual expression of the Voice collection is low-key, but the user experience is warm and inviting," shares Matthias Stenberg, creative consultant at Voice. 


7 Pieces of Furniture You've Probably Never Seen Before

Mass Productions Rose chair 


Speaking of modern, what is more contemporary than designing a chair using large scale 3D printed models? The material presented some challenges but designer Chris Martin wanted to work exclusively with layered oak. The name rose came from the designer's daughter however it does resemble the softness of a flower as well! 

 6 pieces of furniture you've probably never seen before

 Fogia Grande table


In case you've never heard of Fogia, they're a Swedish company who produces some truly amazing furniture. Case in point, their incredible Bollo armchair! But this year they've debuted a wonderful dining (or conference) table designed by Note Design Studio called Grande, which will be available this autumn. The design for the table was meant to strike a balance between dining and working, suitable for either purpose or anything in between. The construction is solid oak, with no trace of laminate or veneer in sight. Note Design Studio even tested this in their own work space for a while, to see how the design held up over a long period of use and it appears, Grande passed the test! 



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