How To Do Colorful Walls If You're Afraid Of Bold Color


How to do colored walls

from the home of Norwegian stylist and shop owners, Krakvik & D'Orazio


We've seen such a revival in white walls over the past few years and there are plenty of perks to crisp white walls. Just as this can work in an art gallery, white walls can be a clean canvas for your own personal artwork, photos and a serene backdrop for your furniture and accessories. Add a few green plants and the place doesn't have to feel cold or boring, it's all about how you use white.

But today we're not talking about white walls, well for about a hot second right there but no more than that! We're talking about colorful walls, and by colorful we don't necessarily mean bright saturated, primary colors. Anything other than white or milky creams can feel like a bold colorful wall. 

Painting can be intimidating but we've rounded up a few examples that might push you passed the tipping point and venture into the world of bold color. Before you do though, consider a few tips that these spaces can offer, especially if you're not one to normally gravitate towards a lot of color. Here are some ways you can add a splash of color to your walls without also ensuing chaos!


How to do colored walls

 the Ferm Living apartment, by Only Deco Love 

 A lot of people choose shades of brown (which is totally fine) when they're wanting a neutral but don't want to go for white. However this example is great evidence that even a berry colored wall, with the right lighting and accessories can feel peaceful and poetic. One major tip, and something that is true in many of these images; use tone on tone colors. Notice how many of the accessories are in a similar color family as the wall with a few contrasting greys and black. This keeps both the wall and the smaller items feeling related and purposeful. 


How to do colored walls

 the dining room of Finnish photographer Riikka Kantinkoski

This warm, nutty color feels modern and minimal contrasted by several white and wood furniture pieces. The black pendant light really pops from its colored background and tougher create a very pleasant and interesting composition. If you are someone who already owns a lot of neutral or white furniture, give them something to stand out from with a color like this!


How to do colored walls

 photo by Siren Lauvdal

Green and blue are like the peanut butter and jelly of colors, just belong together. Especially if the green has a bluish hue to it, they feel like cousins. In a simple workspace dramatic shades of green not only color the walls but the floor too. A blue table or desk (like this one) and chair with black legs feel sophisticated yet fun. Even the grass stems vibe so well in this space, so even if all green evertything sounds insane, here's one way to keep it demure.


How to do colored walls

Dulux colors

Think you have to stick with only one accent wall? Think again! If you can't choose between two colors, use both! Having a divided wall like this gives the effect of a pseudo wainscoting, the bottom third of the wall is a different color than the rest. In a dining space such as this, where most of the room will be viewed from the perspective of sitting in a chair, this works very well!


How to do colored walls

Jotun Lady paint 

If you are one who has molding at home, rather than painting it and the wall different colors, wash over everything with one bold paint. If we saw this brown on a swatch we're pretty sure it would be a "pass" on this color however with a sleek black table and dark wooden chair, it just feels meant to be. 

The key to using color on your walls isn't exclusively about which shade you choose, but how you compose the room to accent or blend into it. You don't even need to run out or log onto Amazon and order all new accessories, take a walk through your home and pull together items in similar colors. You maybe be surprised at how you can still create a minimal space with broad uses of color! 

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