7 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Bedroom

Tis the season for upgrading your bedroom, but what to do if you’re not working with a ton of time (or money) this spring? Fret not my design-loving friends, there’s hope to be had. We searched Pinterest high and low and found some simple, affordable ways you can revamp your bedroom in about an hour or two. From floating shelves to houseplants, read ahead for seven easy bedroom upgrades.


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Image via The Glitter Guide

1. Create some extra storage space

A little extra storage space can go a long way in your bedroom. Install a few floating shelves or cubbies to create some wall-mounted storage opportunity or invest in a compact, rolling garment rack to score additional closet space in seconds without cramping up your bedroom.


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Image via Barn and Willow

2. Hang new curtains 

Searching for a foolproof way to transform your bedroom in minutes? Take a cue from Lauren of @farmhouseforfour and hang up a couple of new curtain panels in a sophisticated fabric or a couple of roman shades to usher in some breezy bedroom vibes without breaking your bank account.


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Image via Style Me Pretty

3. Make a statement wall

If you thought statement walls only worked in large, open spaces then think again. Use some removable wallpaper to turn a bare bedroom wall into an eye-catching scene or forge a gallery wall above your bed in place of a bulky headboard.


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Image via Vintage Whites Blog

4. Incorporate interesting textiles

You can always count on interesting textiles to upgrade your bedroom in a pinch. Employ a chunky knit rug near the foot of your bed or a few embroidered pillows on your bed, like we saw on Vintage Whites Blog, to create a layered look for your room in no time.


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Image via Life on Virginia Street

5. Buy new bedding

Never underestimate the power of high-quality bedding. Not only will a nice set of bed linens instantly make your bedroom look more polished, according to The National Sleep Foundation, they’ll help you sleep better at night, too.


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Image via A Pair and a Spare

6. Add some greenery

Whether it’s with fresh flowers or a houseplant, bring some pretty greenery into your bedroom for a sure-fire way to energize the space and help purify the air at the same time.


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Image via paulsvera

7. Smarten up

If you aren’t already hip to smart technology for your bedroom, then now’s the time to listen up. You can update your bedroom with everything from voice-activated light bulbs, to app-controlled sound machines, to wireless charging nightstands to swiftly streamline the space.