8 Removable Wallpapers That Will Quickly Transform Any Room

Spring has officially arrived and there’s a good chance that your home is due for a seasonal refresh. If you’re dreaming of an easy and affordable way to upgrade your place in a pinch, you might want to consider removable wallpaper. Not only is peel-and-stick wallpaper available at a lower cost than many of its paste-dependent counterparts, it takes a fraction of the time to install.

So whether you want to forge a statement wall in your living room or quickly update your kitchen with a playful print, here are eight removable wallpapers that will instantly transform any area of your home in minutes.


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Image via Chasing Paper

1. Fabstract at Chasing Paper, $40

Why splurge on pricey artwork when you can have paint-inspired wallpaper instead? This chic splatter-style removable wallpaper at Chasing Paper brings a nice pop of color and pattern to a room and will only set you back 40 bucks.


wallpaper, floral, home decor

Image via Anthropologie

2. Alicia Galer Sketched Petalwork Wallpaper at Anthropologie, $148

Looking for a simple way to spread some spring spirit inside your place? This sprightly floral printed wallpaper at Anthropologie features an array of colorfully sketched buds and blooms and can be installed in seconds.


wallpaper, home decor

Image via Walls Need Love

3. Outside the Lines Removable Wallpaper at Walls Need Love, $48

Love the idea of a wallpapered room but worried your rambunctious kids will ruin it? This dreamy watercolor-inspired removable wallpaper at Walls Need Love is made of durable woven polyester fabric, so you can wash and wipe it down whenever it gets dirty.


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Image via Blik

4. Pebbles Pattern Wall Tiles at Blik, $50

Searching for the right wallpaper to make a spring statement wall in your home? These eye-catching adhesive wall tiles at Blik are perfect for forging accent walls or sectioning off a small area, like an office zone, inside an open layout space.


wallpaper, texture, home decor

Image via West Elm

5. Wilshire Mural Removable Wallpaper at West Elm, $360: A little faux texture goes a long way on an empty wall. Case in point: this concrete-style peel-and-stick wallpaper at West Elm, that’ll bring an industrial vibe to your walls without overwhelming the rest of the space.


wallpaper, home decor

Image via Hygge & West

6. Tassels Tiles at Hygge & West, $58: Turns out your bedding isn’t the only place you can play with textiles in your bedroom. These tassel-inspired removable wall tiles at Hygge & West will help you score a layered look inside your room—no throw pillows necessary.


floral, vintage, wallpaper

Image via Urban Outfitters

7. Laurel Kimono Floral Removable Wallpaper at Urban Outfitters, $39: The only thing better than a beautiful floral print is one with some retro flair. This bold removable wallpaper at Urban Outfitters is inspired by vintage kimono patterns, but offers a contemporary, stick-on-style twist for goofproof installation.


wallpaper, home decor

Image via Chasing Paper

8. Crosshatch at Chasing Paper, $40: When all else fails, you can always count on a good wallpaper print to bring a little bit of depth and dimension to a bare space. This hand-illustrated removable wallpaper at Chasing Paper brings a touch of color and texture into a room but still manages to feel minimalist.