7 Latin American Style Décor Items That Will Instantly Brighten Up Your Home

Latin American décor is having a moment and it’s not hard to see why. Marked by vibrant hues, bold prints, and colorful patterns—Mexican and Central American style furnishings are a cool and contemporary way to brighten up your place. To prove our point, we rounded up some chic South-of-the-border-inspired décor pieces that will instantly energize any area of your home. From a handmade terracotta vase to a soft serape throw, here are seven Latin American-style décor items with serious flair.


1. Engobe Vase at The Citizenry, $85


vase, terracotta, home decor

Image via The Citizenry

Nothing screams South-of-the-border-style like an artisanal terracotta décor item. This sleek vase at The Citizenry is composed of natural clay handcrafted by a family-run workshop in Mexico City. 


2. Mexican Style Cotton Throw at Trouva, $35.49


home decor, serape blanket, throw

Image via Trouva

If you thought serapes were best reserved for picnic blankets then it’s time to think again. Popular for centuries in Latin America, these vibrant hand-woven throws—like this bright red patterned stunner at Trouva—bring instant color and personality to any room.


3. Puebla 16-Piece Dinnerware Set at Pottery Barn, $180


dinnerware, pottery, stoneware

Image via Pottery Barn

Looking for a functional way to liven up your dinner table? This eye-catching stoneware set at Pottery Barn is hand-painted and glazed by artisans in Mexico City with a traditional Talavera pottery pattern.


4. Embroidered Valeria Pillow at Anthropologie, $68


throw pillow, decor, style

Image via Anthropologie

A little embroidery goes a long when it comes to a stylish throw pillow. This hand-embroidered pillow at Anthropologie features an intricate motif inspired by colorful prints and patterns that are popular in traditional Latin American décor.


5. Pom Pom Mobile at The Little Market, $88


Colorful pompom nursery mobile, home decor

Image via The Little Market

Searching for a festive baby mobile that makes a difference in the world? A portion of the profits from this adorable pom pom mobile at The Little Market goes right back to the female artisans in Macvilho, Mexico who made them.


6. Black Tiles Azulejos Kitchen Panel Wall Decal at Home Depot, $26.25


Blue tile back splash, home decor

Image via Home Depot

The only thing better than an attractive kitchen backsplash is one that you can install—and remove—with ease. These Talavera-patterned vinyl panels at Home Depot are self-adhesive, so you can make a make a statement on any wall in no time; without leaving any damage behind.


7. Puebla Marble Planter (Tall) at The Citizenry, $95


Cactus in a marble pot, home decor

Image via The Citizenry

When all else fails, you can always count a good-looking planter to dress up a space in seconds. This minimalist-style marble planter at The Citizenry is handcrafted by master artisans in Puebla, Mexico—and looks insanely sophisticated on any surface.


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