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Mexican Decor Styles We Love

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We've always loved Mexican and Spanish architecture and interior design styles. All those colors! The clay pots! Animal and nature motifs everywhere! Tiny little chili peppers hanging in the kitchen! You have to admit, the Hispanic decorating styles are pretty fun. In honor of Cinco De Mayo, we've rounded up our favorite Mexican decor for some eye viewing pleasure. De Nada! 

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We adore this Mexican blanket runner topped off with flowers, tiny cacti and mason jar candles. This set up makes for a quaint Mexican-styled table scape!

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If you want to try adding the signature bright paint to your home, the patio and/or front porch is the perfect place to start! Just look how wonderful this porch is with the colors, the plants, the Mexican rugs and hanging pots. Most of our front porches are white and (dare I say it) a little boring, but adding fun pops of color that adhere to the Mexican style helps liven your home up!

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We adore this minimal bedroom that pulled inspiration from the Mexican styles. The bright yellow blanket that contrasts with the pink pillows is just perfect an we love the plants as the accents.

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Hispanic styled tiles are a great way to add a more subtle Mexican look to our home. They're way more fun than modern tiles and work great outdoors since they compliment the surrounding nature.

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Hammocks are home essentials for many Mexican families. Some are inside and some are outside but either way they're great to grab a pillow and snuggle up in for a nap or to read a good book. Looking for some fun pillows? Check out our throw pillows in the Barn and Willow store. 

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We love everything about this room! The rug has less reds and more pinks than most Mexican rugs and all the large cacti are just so cool! 

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We love this Mexican styled living room since it's less "loud" than many Mexican decor. The yellow paint keeps the room bright and airy white the brightly colored elements are limited to accent pillows and rugs to limit the "loudness". 

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Giant, colorful clay pots are a fun way to add color and shape to your interior or exterior decor. You don't even need to put anything in them-  they can work well on their own. 

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We want to wash our hands in this sink everyday! We think this is a smart way to add some subtle Hispanic decor elements to a kitchen. 

Our list could go on and on, really. Maybe a trip to Mexico is in order soon? Anyways, we love modern decor, but we also really love colorful, fun styles. It might be scary to think about painting your house pink or yellow and introducing bright patterns, but we love taking decor risks and pulling inspiration from other cultures! Here's to Cinco de Mayo!