Roller Shades 101

With all of the window treatment options out there, choosing the right style of shades for your home can be tricky. To help, we broke down everything you need to know about Barn & Willow’s Roller Shades—so you can pick the right shades for your windows. From blackout lining basics to wash care and more, here’s everything you need to know about our new line of roller shades.

Barn & Willow roller shades

1. Blackout Lining Basics

Thicker than our 100-percent cotton privacy lining, our blackout lining is designed to block out daylight entirely. And since all of Barn & Willow’s Roller Shades are constructed with blackout lining, they’ll help protect your furniture and floors from sun damage and fading and keep your home nice and cool no matter how hot it is outside.

Translation: The blackout lining in Barn & Willow’s Roller Shades helps shut unwanted sunlight out of a room—so they’re great for areas of your home where you want less light penetration.

2. Roller Shade Composition

Composed of smooth polyester fabric, Barn & Willow’s blackout-lined Roller Shades are soft to the touch and surprisingly lightweight—considering how much light they shut out. Additionally, every roller shade comes with a stainless-steel chain that’s available in different custom lengths (depending on the height of the roller shade), so you can score a tailored window display without all the footwork.

Translation: Barn & Willow’s Roller Shades are buttery smooth and ready to install—mounting hardware and all—upon arrival.

3. Roller Shade Wash Care

While Barn & Willow recommends sticking with dry cleaning for deep-cleaning your roller shades, you can still spot clean them like a pro. Start by using a brush vacuum attachment or a duster to dust off the surface of your roller shades and then blot—don’t rub!—the affected area with a damp rag with mild soap or detergent.

Translation: Between dry cleans, you can spot clean your Barn & Willow Roller Shades with ease.

4. Roller Shade Fabrics

Not only do Barn & Willow’s Roller Shades come in eight eye-catching prints—think Polygon Charcoal and Patch Graystone—they’re also available in five solid, neutral colorways, including vanilla, cream, dune, sisal and nickel. Picking out the perfect style of roller shade for your home has never been easier.

Translation: Available in 13 different fabric styles, Barn & Willow Roller Shades are every bit as versatile as they are stylish.



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