How to Order Free Barn & Willow Fabric Swatches and Rent Sample Panels

Let’s face it: Picking out the right type of fabric for your drapes and shades can be tricky. That’s why the Barn & Willow website allows you to change the color of the background wall when looking at images of our window coverings. Just click the “color picker” tool to the right of the window frame to help choose from their dozens of different color options.

Still can’t decide on the perfect fabric? Then let me let you in on a big perk of ordering from Barn & Willow: They allow you to order Fabric Swatches for free, and rent certain sample drapery panels for up to seven days so you can properly try them out in person! Ready to hear more? Read ahead for a break down on how you can do both from the comfort of your own home.

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Photo by @janabekdesign via @barnandwillow

1. How to Get Free Barn & Willow Fabric Swatches

Believe it or not, Barn & Willow allows you to order up to ten free five-inch-by-five-inch fabric swatches at a time—no credit card information required.

Simply visit the Barn & Willow swatch page to scroll through 50 different styles of swatches, ranging from sheer Belgian linen to blackout-lined to velvet, any of which will be shipped out within one business day.

Plus, you can filter all their fabric swatches by price, color and material, so narrowing down your options (and picking the perfect fabric) is easier than ever.

Once they arrive at your door—usually within 3-5 business days—Barn & Willow recommends holding the fabric against a wall, see the color in the room, and feel the texture so you can determine what works best for your decor.

2. How to Rent Barn & Willow Sample Panels

If swatches aren't quite enough to help you make a decision about your draperies, then consider renting some of Barn & Willow’s sample panels. With Barn & Willow’s Try Before You Buy program, you can rent up to three 25"W X 50"L sample panels at a time to see which ones best suit your space.

Along with allowing you to pick from 37 different drapery panel options, including their most popular Belgian Flax Linen and Organ Cotton styles, all of Barn & Willow’s sample panels are lined with privacy liner, so you can get a better idea of how much light will be blocked.

Each panel is $15 and you can keep it for up to 7 days. Simply send your panels back with the prepaid shipping label Barn & Willow provides and voila: they’ll refund you in full.

Translation: Since shipping is on Barn & Willow and they’ll refund your $15 fee once you return the samples, you can essentially rent and test out their drapery panels in person for free!

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