View From Here with Natalie and Tim Hamm

Tim and Natalie Hamm, two designers based out of North Mississippi, have one goal in mind: to create timeless designs using quality materials with a handmade touch. Tim spends his days in the woodshop, while Natalie creates new design in her upstairs studio or right on the porch, where she can watch over the kids and animals (4 kids, 4 dogs, 1 lamb, and many free-range chickens!). We're humbled to see Natalie and Tim's home through Natalie's eyes. Plus, how sweet is Natalie's first dip into designing? 

Natalie Hamm surrounded by painting supplies and canvases

Tell us a bit about yourself! When did your love for interiors begin?

I was raised in Oxford, Ms. My mother was a local artist. I spent summers growing up helping her teach local art classes. I was always rearranging my room as a little girl wanting things to look fresh and pretty. I remember being 12 and getting frustrated with the color of my curtains so I had this idea to dye them with coffee. It worked! I’d say my love for design has always been there.

Imagine a guest walks into your home. What’s the first thing you want them to notice?

The first thing I want a guest to notice visually is the character. We salvaged most of our doors, trim, transoms and shiplap from an old home built in the 1800’s. My overall hope for our home is that every guest that visits would leave feeling love, encouraged and inspired.

Hallway with a red rug, macrame chandelier, and open door at the end

When you walk into a room, what is the first thing you notice?

When I visit someone else’s home the first thing I notice is the landscape. I love flowers. When I walk in, natural light and design style. When there’s artwork... even better!

What is your favourite room to redecorate?

My favourite space to redecorate is the living room. I change things constantly most of my friends sit down, look around and say I’m trying to see what you’ve changed. It's expected here. Always inspired and trying new things.

Dining room with a long wooden table and square hanging light

How would you describe the style of your home?

The style of our home is timeless and collected. You get an old farmhouse feel walking in but we’re always building new furniture or finding things on our family treasure hunts.

From what or whom do you find inspiration?

I find so much inspiration through so many things and people. There’s so many fabulous designers I’m constantly keeping up with. We live in the country about 15 miles from town. On my drives back and forth the country side is so beautiful it’s always changing and inspiring. My friends inspire me; they’ve always got new ideas and keep me encouraged.

Tall leafy plant in a pot in front of multiple white custom linen Barn & Willow drapes.

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What’s one quirky thing that defines your space?

My kids are always exploring our property. They bring the unexpected into our home. They always pick random greenery for me. They find arrowheads, vines and petrified wood. I keep them displayed in random places around the house.

How do your Barn & Willow drapes/shades fit into this space?

Barn & Willow drapes accent our home so beautifully. With all the reclaimed wood and windows the softness and warmth the linen brings is just beautiful.

If you had an unlimited budget, what would be the first thing you’d add to your home?

If I had an unlimited budget the first thing I’d do is add on to our living room. Our kids are growing and bringing more friends home everyday. I’d love more space for all our friends that visit.

Wooden porch swing with white cushions and oval details

Say you got hired to design the first home in outer space. What’s the first design idea that comes to mind?

If I designed a home in outer space it would be glass. I can’t imagine how beautiful it would be and I’d want to see every bit of its beauty. 

We like to think that everyone has a special view, be it out your front door or through a kitchen window, that they favor. Tell us about your favorite view from here in your home.

I have a few favorite views in our home. It’s built on a bluff overlooking a creek. It feels like a treehouse. I love kitchen window overlooking the creek and that studio window overlooks the treetops.

A dark wood tall four-poster bed in a bedroom with white linen drapes and curtains

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