View From Here with Kristin Dion

For our next View From Here installation, we spoke with the lovely Kristin Dion. This fabulous lawyer doubles as an interior designer, mom, and wife, and is killing it in every way.

Kristin is the queen of earthy tones and natural elements. Her several career path changes led her right to find her passion and learn a whole new set of skills. Vintage, yet chic, Kristin has perfected her signature style, and we're excited for you to see it.

Kristin Dion home interior designer view from here

Tell us a little about yourself! When did your love for interiors begin?

I'm a wife to my soul mate, a mom of 2 kids (age 6 and 9) and a lawyer. Say what? Yep, a lawyer, but not currently practicing. I went to NYU for law school and practiced for 7 years.  I've changed careers a couple times before finally finding my passion - interiors!  I've always loved interior design -- I just didn't realize I could do it as a career. After having kids, I was home more and started working on my own home more and more. Finally, I had the guts to just start. I started posting my own interiors on Instagram, I taught myself to sew pillows from YouTube, made pillows and posted them for sale . . . and people liked it . . . and my career just kind of took off from there (plus a ton of hard work).

Kristin Dion interior designer View From Here

What's the story behind your Venice home, or the story you’d like it to tell someday?

We bought a foreclosed house that was trying to be flipped .  . . and 2 kids later and tons of work later, we made a home.  A home full of love, laughs, and memories.  

Laura Ingalls Wilder once said, “Home is the nicest word there is”.  We tend to agree. Describe your home in three words.

Comfortable, safe and pretty

Kristin Dion Barn and Willow window treatments relaxed shades

When it comes to styling your home, what's the most important aspect to you?

I like all of our home styling to have some sort of function or meaning, in addition to beauty. 

It's also that it is OUR style and not merely a trend.  I love that every room in our house feels like us.  :)

How would you describe the style of your home?

Earthy modern.  I love clean lines but I have incorporated a lot of plants, wood and other organic materials into our home.  

And do you draw inspiration from your work when it comes to decor? 

I follow tons of inspirational accounts on Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. I pay attention when I walk around my neighborhood and other parts of my city. I soak it all in - what I like, what's trending and what I don't like and then my next projects just kind of come to me. 

Kristin Dion laundry room natural elements earthy tones

What’s one quirky or unique thing that defines your space?

Plants everywhere... including our master bathroom shower.  

How do you see yourself growing in this space?

We have a few house projects left that we would love to do if feasible but honestly, we are almost done. We ADORE our home and feel super thankful for all the memories. But it is possible that we will look for a home in another neighborhood someday. Who knows? Just saying we are all open to another adventure.  

We like to think that everyone has a special view, be it out your front door or through a kitchen window, that they favor. Tell us about your favorite view from here in your home.

As I type this, I have the patio doors open and the sun is streaming in. This view - dining room/kitchen looking out - is definitely my favorite. Our side deck used to be a driveway. But the driveway is too narrow for a car, so we gated it, built a deck and installed glass bi-fold doors that open completely. We never walked out to our "driveway" before, but now that we created an additional outdoors room, we use it all the time. 

Genius idea turning the garage into a deck, Kristin. Who needs to drive anywhere, anyways, when your home is as beautiful as this?

Kristin Dion Barn and Willow window treatments shades

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