Holiday Fashions: The Blanket Scarf

Last week Kelly in the City wrote about how to tie a blanket scarf and her search for the perfect blanket scarf.

Enter Barn & Willow.

Kelly used our vintage gray herringbone throw as a chic accessory to her holiday ensemble.  Made from premium, ultra-fine cotton, the herringbone throw is a functional and fashionable accent piece that will do double duty keeping you warm at home as well as when you're out and about doing christmas shopping and attending holiday parties.

The best news is that all of our herringbone throws are on sale for only $99! (Other throw colors include peach and mist blue).

Barn & Willow

Barn & Willow Kelly in the City

Barn & Willow Blanket Scarf How To Tie

Barn & Willow Home Decor Scarf

Barn & Willow Custom Linen Scarf

Barn & Willow Cotton Herringbone Throw

Barn & Willow Home Linen Blanket Scarf

Barn & Willow Kelly In the City

Barn & Willow Custom Home Linen Decor Blanket Scarf

Barn & Willow Cotton Throw Blanket Scarf

Barn & Willow Herringbone Throw Holiday Fashions


Barn & Willow Herringbone Throw Kelly in the City  


Available in peach, mist blue, or vintage gray 

Limited time special of $99.00