Get Your Guest Room Holiday Ready

The holidays are a time for hosting friends and family.  This means turning the guest room from a storage space to a snug home away from home.  Spruce up your spare room in a few easy steps to make your guests feel right at home {warning: they may never want to leave!}

1. Let your guests sleep in.

Your guests don't have to be up with the sun!  Line your draperies with blackout liners to block early morning sunlight.  All of Barn & Willow's Belgian linen draperies have a blackout liner option


2. Keep things cozy

Add a few soft, lightweight blankets, like these ultra-fine cotton herringbone throws {now on sale for only $99!}  Throw blankets are perfect for your guests to curl up in for reading or afternoon naps.  Keep them on the bed or drape them over an armchair or ottoman.


3.  Don't skimp on the bedding

Buy high-quality bedding that you would want to use yourself and provide plenty of pillows.  Including two medium or firm pillows and two soft pillows as well as several smaller accent or throw pillows is a good rule of thumb.  Additional accent pillows on armchairs can serve the dual purpose of augmenting your decor and propping up your guests head for reading in bed.  Keep extra pillows and blankets on hand {and visible!} in a cute basket or shelf.

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4. Bring in some natural holiday cheer

Don't be afraid to incorporate fresh flowers or even some holiday cuttings in your decor.  It'll give your room a holiday scent and will go a long way to eliminating the 'stale' feel of many guest rooms.

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5. Light the room

Provide a scented candle {and matches} to create an intimate and cozy feeling.  If you opt for fresh flowers or a small potted plant instead of holiday cuttings, a candle will help to freshen the air and lend a homey touch.

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