4 Home New Years Resolutions You Should Totally Have

We all make new years resolutions, right?  In addition to the perennial resolve to eat healthy, exercise more, or slkdfj why not make some new years resolutions for your home?

We're 12 days into the new year, lets turn our thoughts to the home.

Here are a few ideas to get you started


Clutter is the enemy of style.  The first step to improving your space is to chuck the junk.  Consider donating unused or rarely used items to a local charity.  

I love this infographic from The Rustic Barnyard.  She captures the key points.

The peace of mind and relaxation that comes from an organized home is marvelous.

Invest in Home Decor

Pick one decor staple that you want to invest in this year.  This is a bigger budget item that will pack a punch.  It could be a new sofa, a rug, drapes. Roman shades are an increasingly popular home decor trend and are a great home investment.

Shop this look: Belgian linen sheer off white drapes

Shop this look: Belgian linen sheer oeatmeal drapes

 Shop this look: Belgian linen natural drapes with peach herringbone throw, indigo painted brush lines pillow, and oyster shale piping linen pillow

Get Your DIY On!

Exercise those DIY muscles!  Home projects can also be a great way to connect with family and friends.  If you have small children, give them their own project to do as you work alongside each other.  Even if you're not a DIY-er, it's still possible to incorporate socializing into decorating!  Invite friends along while you shop and ask for their opinions on decor styles.

Karen, from A House Full of Sunshine, shared a great DIY wall makeover that can be done with a simple paint pen!

Check out the before and after photos.... wow!

Pick Your Battles

Choose one that you will focus your attention on.  It could be the master bedroom, an office, or even a bathroom.  Make that room your project of the year with the goal of completing it by December 31st.  Chip away at it when you have the time and by the end of the year... voila! A luxe new room.

Trisha, founder of Barn & Willow, made her living room and kitchen her design project of 2015.  I think it turned out pretty well, don't you?  For the full room makeover eye-candy and oodles more pictures, head on over here.