4 Fresh Home Strategies for 2016

1. Minimalist Works
Minimalist design is in!  Not only is it visually appealing, but it also increases productivity and organization.
2. Love Your Workspace
Don't shortchange yourself when it comes to where you work.  Take the time to create a home office that works for you - even if it's not an entire room.
3. Splendid Dining
No, we're not talking about calories here.  Dress up your dining nook with light neutral colored linen draperies (get the below drapery look with our Flax Linen Optic White drapery here) or flat roman shades (tell us if you need one here) to keep it clean and inviting. 
4. Keep it Cozy
Warm tones for draperies and accents will keep your home cozy all winter long.  Neutral tones in beige, cream, and light brown create an easy backdrop palate.  Switch out colorful accent pieces for seasonal variety. Get the look with our Belgian Linen Oyster drapery