Anatomy of a Minimalist Bedroom

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photo from Jotun Lady 

There is a Danish couple who both worked full time jobs while raising three young children together in the same space. Their home was cozy, full of life with signs of use and character and personality however when it came to their bedroom, the space was completely stripped down to only a single Queen bed with a fluffy white duvet and pillows. Imagine nothing on the walls, no additional furniture, no extra details. Just a room with a bed and some very simple bedding.

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photo from Hannah in the House

Understandably this might sound extreme, to most people it sounds extreme, but for these two people with their busy work schedules and long list family responsibilities they wanted a place that served as a calm refuge from the demands of life. A place without unnecessary distraction to simply and totally let go mentally at the end of the day and dwell in an uncomplicated space.
No, we're not saying you need to push all of the furniture out to find zen in your own bedroom however you might want to consider a more pared down design. Here are a few fine examples of minimal bedroom spaces that feel like the perfect place to unwind after a demanding day but still retain bits of color, comfort and the occasional extra.

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photo from Romain Ricard 

What are some of the threads that connect minimal bedroom designs? There are a few however each can also be as unique as the people who live in them. Beginning with color, minimal rooms typically have a very modest color scheme because the goal is to create less distraction while bright, saturated colors tend to be used to draw your attention. Don’t think it’s only about whites though, this dark and mostly black bedroom is still minimal with a lot of repeated colors but it is the total opposite of bright white.

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photo from Alvhem Makleri 

Another characteristic of minimal bedrooms is the lack of small things, trinkets and unnecessary decor objects. Think about the objects you use or especially enjoy on a regular basis. Maybe there are objects that you put in your bedroom ages ago but over time realize that you don't enjoy or use it like you had anticipated. Get rid of those extra objects and move them to another room or donate them altogether. Keep those things that are necessary but that you also enjoy, leaving you with only your favorite objects which allow you to enjoy them with a greater potential since nothing else is competing for your attention.

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photo from Lotta Agaton

Lastly, consider investing in quality textiles for your bedroom. Minimal rooms like these might not have intense colors or patterns but that doesn’t mean they lack have to lack high quality. If you’re going to have just a few essentials items in your bedroom, make sure to do some research and don’t be afraid of spending a decent portion of your budget on items like curtains, like these light grey ones pictured above, which frame one of your greatest sources of light. Bedding and rugs as well are items that you will use regularly and need to also be high quality because they will be the focal points of a minimal bedroom.

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